Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Case of Mistaken Identity

The polls were right.  Akin lost decisively, though, as predicted, Romney did win Missouri's electoral votes. 

I guess I mistook this country for the one in which I grew up.  

I refused to watch the coverage or listen to the radio.  I checked the internet a couple of times.  My wife came out to announce that Ohio was lost.  I suppose Virginia, Florida, and Colorado also went blue again -- I neither know nor care.  Either the angry white men didn't show up, or they are so severely outnumbered by government dependents and the slut contingent that it didn't matter.

Reality is still reality even when the majority deny it.  As Mal said, "May have been the losing side.  Still not convinced it was the wrong one."

It seems that most of the people in this country think that they can change arithmetic.  It has never happened, and it won't happen any time soon.  When the takers outnumber the producers, you end up with disaster.  You can run a deficit for a while, just like you can run up a bar tab and get all-mighty drunk with a dollar in your pocket.  The trouble is somebody is going to get stuck with the bill at the end of the binge.

I had no confidence that the can would not be kicked no matter who won yesterday.  Politicians will do what is politically sensible -- which has nothing to do with what is real, let alone what is right.   Europe has been doing it for 60 years with significant assistance from us.  Japan has done well selling us stuff, now China, but we are done.  The deficit is going to keep climbing.  The dollar is going down the drain -- though the euro may well go down first.  China's economy is going into recession.  The Middle East is going to starve then explode.  Israel is going to be under siege and, outside of Divine intervention, wiped off the map. 

It may not happen tomorrow, but the die is cast. 

For me, I am no longer a law-abiding citizen.  If you will allow me one more Malcolm Reynolds quote, "I aim to misbehave."  It is the State that is the outlaw.  I neither ask nor require anything of it.  I will continue to do what is moral and right.  If "legal" happens to coincide with that, I'll be happy and so will the parasites.  When it does not, I guess we'll see what happens. 


  1. My sentiments exactly. My wife and I worked the polls yesterday and watched the takers out vote the producers. I'm finished with politics. We need the energy and money to work on the homestead now. The Republic is over. I figured this election was the last chance to change or, more likely, postpone the collapse. Also (and this stance may soften) I'm disassociating myself from my known liberal aquaintences. We're going dark (except for our intertubes friends).

    At some point one of the tapeworms is going to say, "Hey, anybody else notice that it's getting a little chilly in here?" but by then we hope to have quietly gone off the grid.

  2. Well put. It's about all we can do. Work on self-sufficiency and your local contacts. The euphoria of illusions is not going to last very long -- probably not until January. Greece most likely adds to the euro crash in about a week. Spain and Italy will not be far behind.

    And move over Argentina, here comes the U.S.