Thursday, June 16, 2016

Technology, Gatekeepers, and Narratives

You've probably heard about the alleged journalistic who was traumatized by his close encounter with an AR-type rifle.  Others have done a far better job mocking him than I ever could -- a good example is here.

I'm not really interested in that right now.  What I think is interesting is how time, technology, the internet, social media, etc., have caught up with the statists and their fourth estate allies.

Back in the late '90s and early '00s, I sensed that the right was a little out in front on the internet.  Talk radio was still a big factor, and the right dominated that.  Fox was coming to the fore as a conservative media alternative.  Bush rode that into the White House.  Dan Rather and his crew never imagined that some guy on the Free Republic aggregator would expose their fraud on the Bush National Guard story.

The iPhone helped change the dynamic, as did Fakebook, Twitter, et al.  The more sophisticated technology allowed those who were actually less tech savvy better access and wider audience.  The left made much better use of the Big Data concept than the right.

Libertarians, conservatives, alt-right, whatever you call us -- I think we are back in the game.  We have a lot more anarchy in the cybersphere these days, and I think that is good.  There are crazy people out there, but their craziness eventually gets exposed.

Big Media still thinks of itself as the gatekeeper.  Ten years earlier, Dan Rather would have gotten away with his bogus documents.  Not that long ago, the hysterics of the journalist noted above -- I can't even bring myself to type his name without making a crude joke, so I'll pass -- would have gotten much more play and been taken seriously by some.  These days, individuals get to talk back to such clowns.

There are pictures all over the internet and social media of little girls firing AR-type weapons -- which are better described as Modern Sporting Rifles, MSRs.  None of them are crying or acting like they've just seen the Hindenburg go down.  Far fewer people are going to buy this BS.

I sincerely hope this continues.  Big Media and Big Government hate individualism.  They are threatened by people who can think for themselves and who are wise enough to rely on themselves, their families and communities.  I hope and I pray that technology will help us recognize how little we need a massive central government, how inefficient and ineffective it is, how corrupt it already is and how easily it is corrupted further.

Neither of our major political parties wants us to see the truth.  None of the networks want us to realize how easily we can dispense with them.  A local reporter that does his or her job can now have a national or international audience.  "Going viral" with smart phone video is better than having a spot on NBC.  We don't need the gatekeepers.  We don't need their agendas, their activism or their censorship.  We can find out for ourselves.    

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