Thursday, June 2, 2016

Boromir Conservatives

Those who are familiar with The Lord of the Rings know that Boromir was the favored son of the Steward of Gondor, Denethor.  Boromir accompanied the Ring-bearer on his mission to destroy the One Ring of Sauron.  He thought destroying the Ring, immediately, was a bad idea.  Why not, he reasoned, use the power of the Ring to destroy Sauron?  It makes sense until you realize that the One Ring was forged by Sauron to capture and preserve his own corrupting power.  To use it was to, in essence, become Sauron the dark lord.  Our problem is not the political party in power in America.  Our problem is that everybody in power is in thrall to the One Ring globalist banking establishment. 

The parties appeal to their separate constituencies based on what various groups of voters believe is important.  For a lot of American voters like me, the Second Amendment is a high priority; others are concerned about abortion, education, Social Security, jobs, safety, the environment, taxes, etc.  The two parties stake out their demographic and ideological territories.  For Democrats, it is stuff like free health care, social welfare benefits, more money for education, higher taxes on the “rich”, more “social justice”, support for minorities, forced acceptance of sexual deviants, and so on.  Republicans support law and order, resist gun control, vote to lower taxes, and support some deregulation of businesses.  Both parties, depending on the circumstances, are interventionist when it comes to foreign affairs.  The Republican Party, which gets the majority of white evangelical votes, appears more loyal to Israel. 

If you are a white Christian, pro-life, NRA member living in the suburbs or rural areas, you probably vote Republican most of the time.  If you are a teacher or other government worker, favor public sector unions, a woman’s right to choose, and gun control, you probably vote Democrat. 

The parties know their constituencies and choose their candidates and construct their party platforms to maximize the turn-out of their voters, but, once they put on the ring assume office, our elected representatives represent the globalists.  There is already a one-world government and has been for many years.  Much of its authority has been derived from American military power and technology, but it also comes from the central banks – the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan.  Debt-based currencies, Keynesian economics, and deficit spending have made western governments dependent on the central banks’ currency manipulations.  Debates and disagreements between the parties in national elections merely determine who gets to wear the ring. 

As voters, we get caught up in the facts and emotions of gun control, abortion, homosexual marriage, universal health care, military spending, etc., on a national level.  The parties distract us with their differences over which bathroom people should use while being unified when it comes to their support for unregulated immigration (i.e., invasion).

A number of people in this country have finally awakened to the destruction being wrought upon our culture by deficit spending and a flood of third world invaders.  Birthrates in the West are below replacement levels.  The only way the population can keep expanding and the debt-based currencies continue inflating is for our borders to be open to the invasion. 

Trump – whether he is serious or not – threatens the status quo.  The GOPe would like to bring our focus back to abortion, to our neo-con, interventionist foreign policy, or some other issue that makes immigration less prominent.  “Trump doesn’t act like a Christian; vote for Clinton.”  In what bizarro parallel universe does that statement make sense? 

If we were to close the borders, deport the invaders, cut spending to the point of balancing the federal budget, and audit the Federal Reserve, we would that much closer to holding the Ring over the volcanic fires of Doom. 

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  1. Hi Mushroom,
    The uncontrolled spending and illegal immigration issue is why I no longer automatically vote republican.
    The GOP left me and many others when they chose power and money over truth, like the democrats have done.
    All the rest is just mostly distractions as you say. They all want to wear the ring, so to speak.
    IMO Trump will just be more of the same, but I would like to be proven wrong.
    At any rate, our hope doesn't lie in men or women who seek power over us.