Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Free Speech Nazis

As you have probably heard a group of "white nationalists" called the Traditionalist Workers Party scheduled a rally in Sacramento, CA on Sunday.  The rally had been planned for a number of weeks, and a "counter protest" was also planned by anti-nationalists (I suppose).

In the America I grew up in, I considered the American Civil Liberties Union as an enemy.  But I respected them because the ACLU, back in the old days, would defend KKK members as well as Black Panthers when it came to free speech, the right assembly, and the right of association.

That's the American way.  You can say whatever you want.  I may disagree with you.  I may detest everything you stand for, but I will stand beside you and be your shield while you speak your piece.  The First Amendment isn't needed to protect inoffensive speech.  Everybody should have the right to call people names, to state their belief in Bigfoot, the Tooth Fairy, Communism, Keynesian economics and other myths.

I will even defend a Muslim's right to preach hate for America, but, in return, I demand the right to call Islam a violent, uncivilized religion desperately in need of a reformation.  A Muslim can call me an Islamophobe.  I can call him a rag-headed goat raper.  A gay man can call me a homophobe, and I can call him a rump ranger.

This is part of what makes America great.

If those hipsters and anti-nationalists up there in Sacramento had surrounded the 25 or so nationalists and called them bigots or shouted that they hate California Nazis, that would be perfectly acceptable.  But they tried to shut the nationalists down.  Not just shout them down but physically attack them and drive them off the grounds.

I don't think this bodes well.  The HKB in the White House has not eased racial tensions.  He has made things worse.  Now everybody is a racist, a homophobe, or an islamophobe if you dare to disagree with anything the Democrats say.

If we can't have a conversation and a rational discussion of issues, whether it's immigration, gun control, deficit spending, crime, race relations, education, privacy, or anything else then, as I have said before, the contentiousness is going to get worse.  The confrontations and conflicts are going to get more violent.  Eventually there is going to be serious bloodshed.

For the left, compromise means that we give in to their demands and surrender more and more of our freedoms, traditions, values, and beliefs.  Nothing except complete control will satisfy them.  Look how the collectivists are reacting to the Brexit vote to see how they want to change the rules so they can't ever lose.

Some of us are getting tired of giving in to petulant, supremely ignorant and arrogant (because they are so ignorant) adult children who throw temper tantrums to get their way.  They don't think we will get angry because we have always been the adults.

Daddy's home.

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