Monday, June 13, 2016

Magic Dirt

Like fairy dust, the impact of our magic American soil might be slightly overrated.  The murderer in Sunday morning's massacre was born in the States and was, until yesterday, quite magically, a citizen with exactly the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities I have. 

What could possibly go wrong with importing tens of thousands more "refugees" just like the murderer's parents who probably came here in the late '70s/early '80s when the Russians were invading Afghanistan?

How did our compassion work out for the people in that nightclub Sunday morning?

Back when cigarette commercials could run on television, Salem cigarettes had a jingle that ran:  "You can take Salem out of the country.  But you can't take the country out of Salem."  I wonder if it works the same way with Muslims? 

The news yesterday kept giving the murderer's name as "XXXX, an American citizen."

One of the first official press conferences featured a local Muslim clergyman.  

It wasn't just terrorism, it was "domestic terrorism", according to the talking heads.  I thought maybe it was an uprising among the Amish.  Imagine my surprise when I learned it was Islamic terrorism.

That's a pretty high casualty rate for one shooter.  It sounds like he may have been wearing a suicide vest that failed to detonate.  Could any other shooters have gotten out the back door?  Some reports say the shooter left and came back.  Maybe one or more left and the hostage-holder was supposed to up the death toll once the cops were inside. ISIS knows how cops go into negotiation mode when hostages are involved. Three hours were plenty of time for other possible perpetrators to make good their escape.

Early reports are often wrong.  Officials reports are often wrong as well.


  1. over 200 people in the club and NOT A SINGLE ONE with enough guts to stand and die fighting....sad

  2. One or two might have tried, but there would be a low probability of success. You would think, though, that a dozen determined people could have overwhelmed one shooter, no matter how well trained.

    On the other hand, this is the time of "last call". A lot of these people were at least a little intoxicated. Couple that with the shock of the completely unexpected, and you get the rabbit mindset.

    If my body is ever found in a situation like that, armed or not, I don't know but I sincerely hope all the bullet holes will be in the front.