Friday, May 8, 2015

Way Behind on My Garden

I finally got some tomato plants out yesterday.  I also have a few pepper plants -- bell, habanero, and jalapeno, planted.  That's it.  I don't even have everything tilled up to plant. I'm barely keeping up with my lawn-mowing.  I am just not highly motivated this year. 

My wife loved to run the lawnmower, so generally all I had to do was the trimming.  I do trim a lot, which should not be confused with Camelot.  Somebody probably has one of those around here.  We have peacocks and bison, why not camels? 

The lawnmower is easier, but it takes time that I used to use for other things.  I've also been spending more time with my daughter, especially as she has been recovering and just starting to really deal with her mother's death.  Some of the things that normally get priority at this time of the year are going down the list.

Still, I have several packages of an heirloom popcorn that I want to plant along with beans and watermelon and some winter squash -- probably Queensland Blue.  They are really nice-looking squash and make good pumpkin pies.  I also have to plant some cucumbers.  I don't eat them when I can avoid it, but my wife could never get enough, and the grandkids are the same way, so I have to have some for them.

Between rain for the next few days and having to attend a family get-together on Saturday, I"m gaining any ground, but I guess it will work out in the end.


  1. I know the pressure to get something done, but there is just too much to do.

    Not sure if I will plant anything this year. I love to garden but, the cross fencing is a priority, and shearing, and painting window trim, and lawn mowing, and.....

    I'm spending time with my permaculture though, just a little. I pruned the fruit trees for the first time. But now I'm impatient so see the results of the pruning! Blueberries were eaten by rabbits something fierce so for many of the plants it is like starting over again.

    Fruits, nuts, and berries teach patience.

  2. It will be interesting on the fruit trees. I'm never sure if I've cut too much. At the end of the 2013 season, I had to cut them way back because they had overproduced to the point of breaking limbs. Last year then was thin. Maybe I'll be back in balance this year. I had a lot of blooms and it wasn't too cold. The blackberries are looking pretty good. I've never had the rabbits bother then.

  3. Same cucumber divisions in our household. It must be gender related. :-)

  4. I know what you mean about priorities and how much they can change.
    I'm glad you are spending more time with your daughter. Children are such a blessing.