Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nothing Succeeds Like Secession

So this 28 Sherman guy has a couple of interesting maps and links that show the relative economic power of the various states.

Read it and see what you think.

Part of our historic power as a nation has always been in the economic diversity of our regions.  Natural resources and geography have combined to allow us to prosper as producers, traders, and creators. 

Technology makes the role of a central government far less relevant than it might been in the past.  We can find people and resources and make contacts without all the machinery of bloated and expensive bureaucracies and agencies. 

Any time there is talk of states pulling out of the Union, someone will say that the concept of secession was settled by the Civil War.  It is true that the secessionists lost the war, but that doesn't mean the concept was erroneous.  It was simply a matter of the North having more manpower and manufacturing capability to continue the war than was available to the South.  Slavery is wrong.  Secession isn't necessarily. 

Joss Whedon may be a liberal idiot but the words Malcolm Reynolds spoke ring true, "May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one."

I am not convinced that secession is the way to solve our problems, but I'm not convinced it isn't.  I am sure that the federal government is, as Reagan said, not the solution but the problem.


  1. Bring it on. I'm ready. Virginia might need to split along the James river, unfortunately.

  2. On the bright side, if some states did decide for secession I doubt there would be enough national resolve to have another civil war over it.

  3. Good point. I can't see good ol' boys from central and western PA wanting to fight good ol' boys from southern VA. There's a stronger bond between them than allegiance to DC.

  4. That could be. I'm sure the media would try to generate enthusiasm for crushing rebellious Texans or whatever. People are so apathetic about the abuses coming out Washington, they might just say, go ahead.