Friday, May 15, 2015

Foxy Friday

No, it's not what you think.

He or she was bopping along the wall at 11:00 am -- broad daylight.  This is a red, by the way.  My pet gray is more nocturnal.  It has be close to sundown or after dark before the gray prowls.

This fox is approximately forty-five feet from my office door.  It headed for the cat food behind the barn, and the cat that was sleeping by the door headed back there, too.  I guess she just wanted to see what he was doing.  The other cat came up out of the orchard for the same reason.  I was going to try to sneak up on the fox with the camera (this picture was shot through the storm door), but he heard me and took off for the timber.

I suppose if I caught a fox in my chicken house, if I ever get a chicken house, I might shoot it, but I doubt it.  I like coyotes.  I admire their adaptability and their intelligence, but I'll still hunt them.  Foxes are more like kin.

Come to think of it, I have kin I'd sooner shoot.

I should add that you can click to get a closer look.  Also, those blocks are 12 inches wide, which gives you a good idea of the little guy's size -- what, maybe fifteen or sixteen inches at the shoulder?  


  1. Cute little thang. Didn't notice the killdeer until I blew up the pic. I'm in no great hurry to kill predators. They have to be pretty darn guilty for me to try to make the effort.

  2. The killdeer have a death wish. They usually nest up closer to the gate, in the aggregate on the edge of the drive. I go out of my way to look out for their nests. I love to see the little ones right after they hatch out. I know, though, they've nested closer in this time. The cats are older and lazier than they used to be, but the killdeer are in range.

  3. Nice photo. What a rare treat, seeing a fox in broad daylight. Thanks for sharing the photo, Dwaine.