Monday, May 4, 2015

America Has a Culture

I was not following any of the news over the past three or four days.  I did hear in passing about the events in Garland, Texas where some Muslims attempted to attack some people who were making fun of them.  I can sympathize with Muslims.  I feel bad when people mock Christ and the Church and deny and reject God. 

I’ll even concede that the event was provocative, and, if Muslims had protested, that would have been reasonable.  If someone had gone in and heckled the speakers, that would have been American.  We understand that. 

Americans understand that when we mock and ridicule and criticize a group of people, whether they are Muslims or Mormons or homosexuals or Catholic priests or rappers, that group has every right to get offended and even get angry if they so choose.  They have a right to express themselves and protest and wave signs. 

The line, however, is pretty distinct.  Throw all the hissy-fits you like.  When you try to bomb or murder somebody because you don’t like what they say, you are no longer one of us.  You are no longer welcome here, and we think that if you try to kill us, we have every right, as Mal Reynolds would say, to kill you right back. 

That is American culture.  We’ll get in one another’s face and scream and holler, and it’s all right.  Speaking strictly for myself, I really don’t mind that much if it comes to some fisticuffs or a little pushing and shoving.  But beheading, stabbing, shooting, and blowing people up, and generally killing people for speaking their minds is wrong, and we will not tolerate it. 

You Muslim folks need to learn how this works.  If you want to live in your backwater, mind-controlled, theocratic, insulated little world, there are plenty of hellholes all over this big blue ball where you can go and do that.  We do not want America to be one of those places, whatever our current regime and its media minions might think. 

I have additional news in that France and Germany and a whole bunch of people in the UK and the Netherlands and other countries don’t want to be one of your cultural latrines.  

If you want tolerance, tolerant you must be.  We have been more than tolerant.  We have been stupid and naïve.  Our governments have encouraged your intolerance while blaming us for being xenophobic.  What the attempted attack on Pamela Gellar and the successful attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine earlier this year showed was not that we are too insensitive, but that a lot of Muslims are not fit to live in civilized society.  They are like rabid dogs – feral humans that need to be put down and destroyed or at least isolated until they can learn how to live with the rest of us. 


  1. " if you poke a dog with a stick it’s going to bite you."

    Kuranda Seyit, spokesman of the Islamic Council of Victoria, (Australia) gives this disgraceful comment to the ABC, suggesting that people exercising their free speech brought on this attack through their “stupidity”:

  2. Yes, there are a lot of people saying similar things. I understand that Gellar likes to stir things up, but she hasn't killed anybody yet that I know of.

    I don't go around teasing or poking dogs, but if a dog growls at me or threatens or tries to intimidate me, I consider the situation. If I'm in the dog's territory then I don't mind backing off. He's doing his job. But if he's on my ground trying to back me up, it's a different story.