Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Why Not Shoot the Deer?

It's been a long winter up in MeeneeSOda.  This isn't funny -- a man allegedly murdered one of his neighbors because the man was feeding deer in his yard.  It sounds like the shooter is one of those guys who has trouble with his neighbors over one thing or another, worrying about deer having lice and attracting wolves.

A case or two of deer repellent is way cheaper than a lawyer.    

He probably also worried about how people trim their hedges, don't paint their fences, and declining property values.  I understand the anxiety created when a neighborhood begins to decline, but they still have moving vans.  Prison is a bad neighborhood.    

It's like the people who kill somebody and then "turn the gun on themselves".  Why not just shoot yourself in the first place?  If I knew I was going to end up killing myself anyway, why drag somebody else down with me?  If I'm dead, they aren't a problem anymore.

Obviously, I do not understand people.  I especially do not understand the need to control or try to control the behavior of others.  People are much easier to deal with when they are happy.  Some things I know will, in the long run, make people unhappy.  I do try to warn them against these things when it is any of my business.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as Jefferson said, are unalienable rights.  They aren't the only ones, but they are a mighty good start, and rights that ought to be not only respected but celebrated and encouraged.  Private property is, in my opinion, a corollary of liberty and pursuing happiness.  What a person does with their property, as long as it stops at the property line, is up to them.  

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