Friday, May 9, 2014

Never Bring A Chevrolet Cutlass to a Gunfight

A couple of the boys from the big city of Springfield decided they would burglarize the home of some hick out in the sticks of Texas County.  It backfired on them: 

The mishap occurred about five miles north of Mountain View. Texas County Sheriff James Sigman said the incident began when three men broke into a disabled man’s home, and the man responded by firing a gun at them. The crash occurred as the suspects drove away from the scene at high speed, Sigman said.
The Chevrolet Cutlass? 

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said a 1992 Chevrolet Cutlass driven southbound by Rusty A. Drake, 52, of Springfield, ran off Highway Y, overcorrected and overturned.
Are they sure it wasn't an Oldsmobile Lumina?  Any chance it could it have been a Dodge Taurus?  I would cut the Troopers or the reporter some slack since the car was overturned, and it may have been dark, but they knew the model year.  I guarantee one thing, over in Texas County, they won't call a revolver a "Glock". 

By the way, an odd fact is that Texas County is the largest county by area in Missouri, and the county seat is Houston.


  1. I waz wonderin' bout that when I saw yer post title thar...

    Rusty A. Drake, 52, of Springfield

    Uh Rusty, aren't you a little old for that kind of activity?

    I've been to Mexico MO, north of Texas, I see.

  2. Cool, I have a cousin who lives in Mexico.

    Some of the people around here never seem to grow up.

    I had worked in the garden over the weekend, and I may have pushed it just a little on Saturday in the heat. Everything is late getting in, and we won't have as much as usual because of my wife's illness.

    I was feverish Saturday night and didn't sleep well. Yesterday afternoon, I was crashed on the couch out here when the phone rang. I recognized the name on the CID, but I'd been asleep and things were not coming together well. This woman starts talking, and I'm still trying to sort out why I know her and her husband. Finally it registers, and I said, "From high school?"

    It's not actually a decennial class reunion but a birthday party for all the people turning sixty. I told her I would love to attend, but, unfortunately, they've set it on the very date that I have scheduled to re-primer the Jeep.