Thursday, May 8, 2014

Treehouse Post on Beckel and Donilon

Bob Beckel was on Fox News talking about how the Republicans are using the deaths of Stevens, Smith, Woods, and Doherty for political gain. 

I wonder if Beckel said the same thing when Obama was dancing in the blood of the little children murdered in Sandy Hook Elementary?

I would recommend going over to CT and watching the video then reading the excerpted transcript and comments.

What they are talking about is a picture of Tom Donilon, the National Security Advisor and good friend of Bob Beckel, that showed him in the Oval Office on 9/11/2012 with Obama at 7:28pm.  Beckel says that the National Security Advisor was never in the White House Situation Room.  In fact, Beckel seems to be saying Donilon was not even at the White House: 

Beckel …”first of all, let me just say, Tom Donilon is an old friend of mine and I have talked to him about this. He said he was not involved in that, he was not even in that day, so uhh..
MacCallum …”He wasn’t in that night either”?
Beckel … “I don’t believe he was there“.
MacCallum …”He’s the national security advisor” ?
Beckel … “yeah, but..”
MacCallum … “He was not in the loop”?
Beckel … “they’re not on 24 hours a day”..

That's funny.  I'm on 24/7, and my job is not nearly as vital as the NSA.  If I screw up nobody dies -- generally.  But that's beside the point. 

This American Spectator piece by Jeffrey Lord from a couple of days ago makes one wonder if Beckel is not throwing out smoke grenades to give his old buddy some cover.

By the way, I give the Obama regime credit for their tech-savvy efforts in the Stalinization of history by judicious editing of accounts on sites like Snopes and Wikipedia.  Now Stevens was "rescued" rather than dragged through the streets like a trophy and sodomized. 


  1. This was perhaps the most shameful inaction of the Obama Presidency.

  2. That's a foundational rule that we don't leave anybody behind. We may not be able to get to them, but we have to try.