Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nigerian Christians and Boko Haram

The actual breakdown of religious groups in Nigeria is debatable.  Some people believe that there are now more Christians than Muslims in Nigeria.  If that is not the case, Christians make up at least 40% of the population, and Nigeria's current president is a Christian. 

Daniel Greenfield writing on FPM talks about the alliance between Obama and Boko Haram:

There’s a reason why the media and so many leftists have embraced the hashtag. #BringBackOurGirls isn’t a rescue. It denounces the Nigerian government for not having already gotten the job done even as the State Department stands ready to denounce any human rights violations during a rescue attempt.

Obama and Boko Haram want to bring down the Nigerian government and replace it with a leadership that is more amenable to appeasement. It’s the same thing that is happening in Israel and Egypt.
(h/t Commonsense and Wonder)

The left in America doesn't want to acknowledge that Nigerian Muslims and Muslims in general are a problem.  They want to shift the blame onto the legitimate government of Nigeria.  The Muslims are economically oppressed.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that they are violently opposed to any kind of western education? 

There has been a lot of mockery of the Wookie's hashtag sign because it seemed to be a symptom of the impotence of American foreign policy.  It's really a sign of the subversive nature of American foreign policy. 

Now it makes me wonder, again, what was really behind the Benghazi attacks.

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