Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Independents and Independence

Mr. Van der Leun makes the point about re-branding on American Digest.  I, too, am an American.  I love my country.  I believe in the principles that were laid down by the generation that fought the American Revolution and encoded those principles in the foundational documents upon which the government of the new nation was to be built. 

I have no use for the government of my country as it currently exists.  It is intrusive, thuggish, and oppressive, run by criminals, con men, and an army of freedom-eating "public servants" interested primarily in making sure they get their benefits and fully-funded pensions.  Changes in various offices have little impact on the vast Kafkaesque officialdom that does the real work of destroying liberty. 

More and more people are seeing the futility in aligning themselves with the two principal political parties in the U.S.  Republicans have failed to transform into a party of small, sensible, fiscally-responsible government.  People are leaving the GOP and registering as Independents.  The Tea Party is not a party -- there has been some confusion from the start on this point.  Rick Santelli remarked during a live news broadcast about people being fed up with taxation and referenced the Boston Tea Party where rebellious, anti-tax colonists dumped a load of tea from a ship into Boston Harbor in protest.  This led to "Tea Party" rallies that were opposed to the Obama Regime's efforts, especially regarding Obamacare. 

The Tea Party became, more or less, the small-government wing of the Republican Party and helped elect a majority of Republicans to the House in 2010.  Those new "Tea Party" Republicans proved ineffective in combating the media-backed attacks by Obama and his supporters as well as the inertia in the establishment side of the GOP.  The Republicans in the House have failed to check the new imperial presidency, failed to defund anything, failed to cut spending and bring the deficit under control, failed to hold the Federal Reserve accountable, failed to expose the truth about the various travesties and intrigues in the Justice Department, the Treasury, and the State Department.

To put it in a single statement, the Republican Party is worthless.  They might pass amnesty for those who have crossed the border and broken the law to enter this country because they think their Chamber of Commerce supporters need more cheap labor to trim their hedges and run their leaf blowers.  They also think, somehow, that this will not lead to more support for Democrats, though Hispanics tend to vote 2-to-1 with the Democrat Party.  Americans of Spanish descent are citizens.  They did not come here illegally.  They are often quite socially conservative, traditional, and law-abiding people.  I would guess that some of them find these blatant attempts at pandering by the Republican establishment rather offensive.

Further, since the Tea Party designation has more or less served its purpose and run its course, it needs to be retired.  In its place, we need a viable political party that can run candidates under its own banner.  I am glad to see the nationalist parties in Europe gain, and I admire what Mr. Farage and the UKIP managed to achieve.  We could use a USIP version that also believes in upholding American interests first.  We need a political party for all of the Independents -- an Independent or Independence Party that supports the dismantling of the federal leviathan, a reduction in spending in all departments, responsible taxation to eliminate deficits, and, in general, a return to the constitutional limits on federal action.

I even have a motto for a new Independent Party  -- "You can't have independence without Independents."


  1. Well said. A little tweaking and you would have a manifesto. Kind of a Declaration of Independents. I'm considering voting for the Libertarian senate candidate this fall, if I vote. I know he won't win but I do want to send a message to the Republicans. The message being, "Adios!"

  2. Yes, the Republican Senator from MO, Roy Blunt, has a very low conservative rating on his votes. I drive by Roy's farm every so often. He ought to be one of us, but he's not. I'll likely be voting Libertarian in 2016 for Senator as well. What's the point in having a RINO whose voting record is no better than Ma Hogg McCaskill? They are both essentially at about 50%.

  3. I'm deeply sympathetic to your plight. Who represents 'us' in Government? The qustion is the same regardless of which Western nation you belong to.

    Mark Steyn has an insightful piece on this subject, opining that 'culture trumps politics' every time. It's worth digesting.

  4. That's a great article. Thanks for the link. I had not read it. Steyn is right.