Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama Addresses the Root of Muslim Rage

 Via Yahoo

President Barack Obama on Tuesday will challenge the world to confront the root causes of rage exploding across the Muslim world ...

The root of Muslim rage is Islam itself.  It is not poverty.  It is not illiteracy.  It is not oppression by Israel or the West.  I am not to blame.  America is not to blame.  Christianity is not to blame. 

This is not caused by our freedom, by our First Amendment, by our religious tolerance.

There are positive elements to Islam -- Sufism being the most prominent example. When, however, Islam becomes a political ideology, a means of ruling, manipulating, intimidating, and oppressing people for the sake of power and control, it is demonic.  It is witchcraft.  It is a blood-brother to fascism and socialism, a dark tyranny of the few and the despotic.  It is an enemy to freedom in all forms -- economic, religious, and intellectual.  It drives nations into savagery, perversion, and poverty. 

Obama is an incompetent idiot and the UN is a bureaucratic enabler of totalitarianism, global theft and oppression.  


  1. Good analysis. Brief and saturated with truth.

    Just when I think Obama can't piss me off more he out-does himself.

  2. I know what you mean. And that was before he said, The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

    Really? Mohammed was a false prophet who denied the divinity of Jesus Christ and relegated the Only Begotten Son of God to the status of a lesser prophet. If that's slander, then, yes, the future does belong to those who slander Mohammed.

    But, in fairness, Bush with his "Religion of Peace" mantra was just about as bad in that regard.