Friday, September 14, 2012

Miss Leads

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, is responsible for U.S. embassies in foreign nations.  Clinton would necessarily have approved the first apology that was issued by our embassy in Egypt after the protests and flag-burning.  Mrs. Clinton reports directly to the President of the United States who is sworn to uphold the Constitution. 

Would you like an indication that the anti-Islam film that appeared on Youtube is not what this is about?  The Sudanese are attacking the German embassy as well as the British embassy.  

The film protest is an excuse and cover for a direct Al-Qaeda attack on the United States on the eleventh anniversary of the initial September Eleventh attack.  Apparently Al-Qaeda is as numerology-conscious as Jeremiah Wright’s good buddy, Louie-Louie Farrakan.

Further, and even more infuriating, a story in the Independent claims the U.S. was warned that embassies might be at risk on the 9/11 anniversary.  Anonymous U.S. officials denied that there was a specific warning of an attack against the embassy in Benghazi, but the statement offered no denial of a more general threat warning.  Rumors are circulating to the effect that Stevens was specifically targeted for assassination.  

Whether we ever know the full truth or not, I am convinced that there is more American blood on the hands of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  I would say the same thing about Bush, Romney, Rice, or anyone else in power.  The ONE thing for which the federal government is fully and constitutionally responsible is dealing with other nations and protecting American interests and Americans abroad.  Back a few months ago I compared our current situation in the Mideast -- the so-called Arab Spring, to what happened when Jimmy Carter was complicit in removing our ally, the Shah, from power in Iran and turning a friendly nation into an implacable enemy.  In the aftermath of the embassy attack, Barack Obama publicly and officially stated that our former ally, Egypt, is now neither an ally nor an enemy.  George Bush was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but Barack Obama is either a freaking clown of very limited intelligence or anti-American.  Hillary Clinton is no better. 

First, let’s get rid of the red herring.  The first thing our ambassador to Egypt should have done was say in no uncertain terms that there is no excuse for the attack.  The United States has and always will stand for freedom of expression as well as freedom of religion.  Other countries and religions need to follow our lead -- not try to bully us into following their 11th Century mindset.  We do not apologize for the First Amendment.  Anybody who does not like free speech can go to hell.  This is America.   Inoffensive speech does not need protecting.  We believe wholeheartedly and unequivocally in the right of every individual to say whatever he or she might think about politicians, public figures, political parties, organizations, and, yes, religions.  None of the people involved in making this film are government officials.  They are private American citizens, born with the rights of every free man – those rights being partially defined by the restrictions placed on the federal government as enumerated in the Bill of Rights.  

Next, understand that, as I said, I do not think these protests are about an amateur film trailer on the internet that no one in America had heard of prior to this outbreak of violence.   The film story is classic misdirection to take the focus off the atrocities and off the real motivations of these murderous thugs.   It is also being used to conveniently deflect criticism of the administration's failure to provide adequate security, as well as to avoid questions about the ties of both Clinton and Obama to the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood was invited to Obama's famed Cairo speech given immediately after he assumed office.  Clinton's former aide, Huma Abedin, now Mrs. Anthony Weiner has ties to the Brotherhood.  And more via Breitbart.  Mohamed Morsi, the current president of Egypt, is the man the Brotherhood backed in elections this summer.  Morsi said he would protect our embassy in Egypt but went to effectively side with the protesters and place the blame for all the violence on our freedom of speech.  The Brotherhood has risen to become the power behind the throne in Egypt thanks to backing from the United States.  We have given a radical group, tied to Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda, legitimacy in one of the most crucial locations in the Mideast. 

This is a widespread and rapidly spreading, well-orchestrated move to unify Muslims against America and Israel.  What we are witnessing is a coordinated attack by Al-Qaeda elements in Libya, in Sudan, in Yemen, in Tunisia, and in Egypt in collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood.  That this happened on a 9/11 anniversary sends a message across the Muslim world, and it should send a message to us.  It is an act of defiance and intimidation against the United States intended to humiliate us and galvanize a jihad in that region. 

We must not be misled by the media or the government.  

Update:  Reading through the comments on this story indicates that a lot of people are not falling for the bogus headlines.  Most people seem to be able to add 9 and 11 and come up with the right answer.  

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