Thursday, October 15, 2015

Murder, Media, and Race

I've been out on vacation so I had time to think about the recent mass shooting in Oregon but no opportunity to comment.  Larry Elder on RCP takes on the media's apparent confusion about the murderer's race

There are a lot of murders in America committed by white people.  There are a demographically disproportionate number of murders in America committed by black people and, mostly, other black people are the victims in those cases.  Killings in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and other urban centers across the country are what cause the U.S. to be listed near the top in terms of murders.  Murders and other violent crimes happen daily in the black neighborhoods of our large cities, but the squawking-head journalists on television aren't particularly interested.  Those incidents rarely go national -- unless a white cop shoots an "unarmed (black) teen". 

The only time the media gets excited is when the body count piles high in front of a young, white man.  They wanted the Oregon shooter to be a white supremacist.  He was not.  His mother is black.  Where is his manifesto?  I saw the worthless little punk that shot those folks in the Charleston church with his Confederate flag and heard all about his animosity toward blacks.  Why haven't we heard about this punk's motivation?  Does it not fit the preferred narrative?

Admittedly, I have had better things to do, so maybe I missed it, but it sure did quiet down quickly -- except for the calls for "sensible gun control".

I was in the car listening to Mark Levin when Obama did his bit about the shooting. For the first couple of minutes, I actually had hope the petulant scumbag would act presidential and be focused on the pain of those who lost loved ones.  Then, of course, he started his snarky little attack on liberty.  And that's what it is.  Obama and his ilk hate freedom.  I suppose that is only just.  Free men and women hate tyranny.

"The right to buy weapons is the right to be free" -- A.E. van Vogt 

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  1. I do agree with you! Media has a great power as mostly people believe in what they read in a newspaper or watch on TV. Religion had been used to rule people and pollute their minds before technological Era. Nowadays media is mostly used for that purpose.