Monday, May 14, 2012

Richard Land Backs Down

Richard Land is a leader in the Southern Baptist Convention and hosts a talk show on a number of radio stations around the country -- mostly Christian venues such as the Bott network.  Apparently, he spoke out on the Zimmerman-Martin case.  I'm not sure exactly all that he said, but the SBC has become too politically correct to allow it to stand.  The Convention came down on Land and forced him to issue an apology to the Martin family and to President Obama.

Well, as we say down home, If you can't dance, ... I probably shouldn't complete that sentence on a family blog.

Young black men are "profiled" in this country because they commit crimes at a rate far in excess of their representation in the population.  Not all young black men are criminals, but an amazingly high percentage of males of African descent will be found guilt of felonies.  This is reality. 

President Obama is the one who should apologize to the family of George Zimmerman -- not to mention the American people --  for sticking his and Eric Holder's racist nose into a local issue in the first place with his disingenuous, politically-motivated, "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon" pandering. 

Trayvon Martin was not killed because he was racially profiled or because George Zimmerman (who has far more black blood than Harvard Minority Professor Elizabeth Warren has Cherokee blood -- and his is documented) is a racist.  Martin was killed because he thought he could beat some guy down without consequence.

Martin's mother issued a statement about this being her first Mother's Day without Trayvon.  Perhaps if she had taught her son to respect other people, their property, and his own body, the young man would not have been on a suspension from school and prowling around houses to arouse Zimmerman's suspicions. 

The time has come for this country to be "post-racial".  I can sympathize with those who voted for Obama in 2008 because they believed his lines about ending the racial divide.  Now we know and have objective evidence that neither Obama nor Holder nor anyone else in the administration is interested in color-blindness.  Race is their trump card.  They will destroy this country using racial division as a ploy, a wedge, and a bludgeon.  "Fool me once" and all, but those who vote for Obama this time are fools.  Pure, plain, and simple.  

Somebody needs to speak the truth.

I am deeply disappointed in Richard Land and the Southern Baptists for their lack of spine and manhood.   

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