Monday, July 25, 2016

Somehow It Is the NRA's Fault

I don't feel like setting up the links now because they have been in the news.  We know that Germany has suffered three attacks by deranged Muslims, a couple of whom were refugees, in the last few days.  The first shooter was a German-born Iranian with a history of mental health issues.  He lured children into a McDonald's on the anniversary of Brevik's murderous rampage.  Though he would not have been able to obtain a firearm legally, he, nevertheless, managed to arm himself with a Glock 9mm that had no serial numbers. 

Did the fairly strict German gun laws manage to keep a homocidial maniac from acquiring a weapon?  Or did they merely disarm sane, law-abiding Germans? 

Those laws certainly made it easy and safe for the next attacker -- a Syrian refugee -- to carry out his attack.  He hacked a pregnant woman to death with a machete without fear of being shot by law-abiding German citizens.

Nor was the third attempted attack by a soon-to-be deported Syrian refugee foiled by gun laws.  He blew himself up after being refused entry to some event where he could have killed many others. 

Explosives, a machete, an illegal firearm from the underground, a madman does not fear statutes or the legal system, and his schemes are not hampered by the rhetoric of the political class. 

America is a very diverse nation.  We have a violent history.  We have lots and lots of guns. 

There are also 350 million of us.  That we have more "mass shootings" than Germany with its 80 million and France with its 64 million combined is hardly surprising.  That most of our "mass shootings" take place in the urban centers of Chicago, East St. Louis, Detroit, and Washington, D.C., is also not terribly surprising.  Take out the urban centers with their majority black populations, and America drops way down the list in terms of per capita homocides by firearms.

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