Thursday, July 7, 2016

Leftist Politician Lies about Rape

Shocking, I know.  A German politician who works with refugees was ambushed and sexually assaulted by three men.  She reported the rape but lied about the ethnicity of her attackers.  She claimed they were "German speakers".

Why would she do this?  She feared "backlash" against refugees.

This is much like what happened after the Orlando shooting here in the States.  God forbid the issue should be laid at the feet of the political religion that motivated it.  It is quite acceptable to condemn gunowners, to create a backlash against NRA members and "homophobic" Christians.

I can't imagine why the countries from which these invaders supposedly flee are such hellholes.  Could it be because they don't believe in the rule of law, free markets, free will, Christian values of human life and decency?

If you are oppressed by a sick culture/religion/political system, the way to be delivered from that oppression is to renounce it and divest yourself of it.  Your sick culture needs to be replaced by a healthy one.  This is called assimilation and is what it used to be required to become an American citizen.

What doesn't work is carrying the virus of Islamic fundamentalism, tribalism, or third-world criminality onto fresh dirt.    


  1. Hi Mushroom

    I read about this exercise in self loathing a few days ago and had similar thoughts. It's one thing for an individual to behave this way, but an entire culture?

  2. Is it just me or is it insanely racist and condescending to act as if minorities can't be responsible for there actions. White people aren't rioting in the streets and targeting people by race either, so that argument sucks lemons.