Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Toy

I understand there is some kind of national circus going on this week in Cleveland.  It would be difficult for me to care less. 

This is not going to be a review because I just haven't had time to do anything with it.  I have too many things going on. 

The AR-556 is the low-end Ruger -- runs around $700.  My nephew bought an AR-556 a few months ago.   He has put a scope on his.  I've shot it.  His trigger is horrible.  The trigger on mine is merely heavy.  I could probably learn to live with it.  Whether I will or not is another question. 

I need to go buy some bulk ammo and get used to the sights. 

The Ruger is a standard, modular design, so anything I can't stand can be replaced. 

I never thought I would get one of these.  At this point, I am not particularly happy or unhappy with it, except for the fact that the ruling class doesn't want me to have it at all.  In that regard, I do feel good. 

I am not going to hunt deer, turkey, or coyotes with it -- though I could.  I don't really have a purpose for it or even a niche, but it fits in the safe, and I have it.

They are fun to shoot.  So there is that.


  1. Very nice. Yes, better to get one now. I don't see the thing that goes up. You'll have to get one of those. I hear you can level a city block if you have the thing that goes up.

  2. I had them take the shoulder thing that goes up off before I bought it. I was afraid I couldn't handle that kind of power.

    I was shooting a little yesterday and got it lined up pretty well at thirty yards or so. Windage was good. Elevation was way low with the ammo I was using. To start, I should get a few hundred rounds of 62-grain FMJs Monday or Tuesday, along with some more magazines.

    I'll see how it shoots with that and see how I can do at longer ranges with the iron sights. It's kind of cool. I'm just not sure I can hit diddly at 200 yards without optics.

  3. That does look fun to shoot. Having lots of options for add-ons is a big plus as well! :)