Friday, April 1, 2016

The Questions That Should Be Asked

Should those who employ illegal immigrants be punished?

Should those who aid and abet the invasion of this country by providing shelter, services, and financial aid be punished?

We don’t need to build a wall.  We need to stop subsidizing the invasion.  

We need to jail those who knowingly employ the invaders.  I do not want to fine them a fraction of the profits they make by employing illegals.  I want them to do time, to lose their right to vote along with the other privileges of citizenship because they have diluted and devalued my citizenship through their actions. 

I want the mayors and city councilmen of sanctuary cities charged and prosecuted in federal courts under RICO.  It is the very definition of organized crime. 

Those are the questions that should be asked, and those are the answers that should be given. 

I am rigidly anti-abortion.  I believe a unique and valuable human life is destroyed by abortion.  And I would ask, why do we need to import anti-American third-world looters to replace the 50 million lives taken since Roe v. Wade?   

But abortion is a state and local question.  Roe v. Wade is bad judicial activism because abortion legislation is not a federal issue.  Not a single abortion clinic will be closed if Roe is overturned tomorrow.  It would only free state legislatures, governors, and state courts to decide how abortion services would be regulated.  Every politician running for federal office should memorize the preceding three sentences.

Defending our national borders is a federal responsibility.  It is under the purview of the federal government (although I see no reason border states like Arizona and Texas could not have joint responsibility) .  Further, it is the critical question that must be addressed if we intend to remain a unified, free nation. 


  1. Well said, and I concur! It's too bad that most politicians won't ask the questions they should be asking. Far easier to resort to fear and hatemongering instead and most Americans are sick of it.

  2. It keeps getting more and more bizarre as reality diverges further and further from the narrative.