Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Gun Belt

I usually wear my handguns in a holster on the belt that holds up my pants.  For concealed carry, if the belt is involved, it is the trouser/skirt belt.  Out here in the country, I open carry most of the time.  I end up not carrying when I am working around the place because it is annoying and time-consuming to pull the belt out, remove the holster, find a place to put things, hook the belt back up, and do whatever it was I needed the firearm off to do then do all that in reverse.

A gun belt solves that problem, especially one with a quick-release buckle.  I have used a leather cartridge belt for my Single-Six and the High Standard that preceded it since about 1975 – that’s not a joke.  It’s the same belt.  It’s showing a little wear, but I have taken care of it, and it still does the job.  The other day I bought a new .22LR auto handgun – the S&W Victory.  I think it is the first Smith and Wesson, I have ever owned.  I know it’s the only one I have now.  I plan to do a review on it soon. 

Yes, I really needed it.  I know.   

Anyway, I got an Uncle Mike’s holster that it sort of fits.  Since it is a fairly new model, there aren’t a lot of choices.  I decided to buy a cheap gun belt at the same time.  I don’t know what brand the belt is, and it doesn’t matter.  I adjust it to where I want to wear it on my waist by a Velcro hook patch on the long end.  It runs through half the buckle so you have a loop that attaches inside.  The belt is wide and holds the holster tightly in place.  The buckle is one of the male/female arrangements that just snaps together.   Once the length is adjusted, it’s just a matter of snapping it around my waist, and everything is where it is supposed to be. 

If I need to take the rig off to do something with a piece of equipment, I unbuckle, buckle it around the tractor steering wheel , the ATV handle bar, or some other convenient location until I am ready to put it back on.  I am thinking about getting a couple more for other holsters and handguns. 


  1. I used to carry that way too, using a hip holster. I still can if I wear pants or cut offs, but I found that isn't feasible when wearing a dress, lol.
    Fortunately, my .357 fits nicely in my purse, and I also have an NRA jacket I can carry it in, or the 9mm or .40 or .45 long. It's has a nice concealed holster inside the jacket, one on each side, so that works well. But on days I don't need a jacket my purse is my only comfortable option.
    At any rate it's is more difficult for women to carry concealed in the summer than I had imagined, ha ha!
    I look forward to your S&W review. :)

  2. I am going to have to think about concealed more myself, assuming the Sheriff approves my application. I have never tried to hide a handgun on my person. The only really concealable handgun I have is a .38 snub-nose. My two centerfire autoloaders are full-size service pistols. I am pretty sure I can effectively conceal my Glock 17 -- I am somewhat bulky, but I'm not so sure it will be comfortable. Actually, when I bought the S&W .22, I was looking for a new 9mm for concealed carry.

    What can I say? It was shiny.

  3. Yep, my wife has the same complaint. Neither of us are keen on her carrying in a purse. Too easy to set it down and forget it.

  4. Ha ha! Nothing wrong with shiny! :) Yes, I noticed that even when I was wearing guy clothes all the time, carrying higher caliber pistols
    /revolvers concealed is always problematic in the summertime.
    Imean yeah, obviously, the smaller the gun the easier it is to conceal, but you give up more firepower the smaller you go (although having hollow points can help, even with a .22).
    I thought the .357 short barrel was a nice compromise. But I wouldn't mind a good .22, .25 or .32.