Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Racial Harmony

The black president isn't helping so much.

The table below comes from the Gallup research at the link.  Whites, and especially tradition-oriented, conservative whites, are less likely to consider race relations a major problem than the so-called liberals and blacks. 

Percentage Who Say They Worry "a Great Deal" About Race Relations in the U.S.



Democrats + leaners252237
Republicans + leaners141426
COMBINED GALLUP POLLS: 2001-2011, 2012-2014, 2015-2016

If you think that the reason you don't have a high-paying job, get stopped and harassed by the police, have health problems, and live in a high-crime neighborhood is because of your skin color, it makes sense to place stress on race relations.  You've been held down by white society.

On the other hand, if you think that poverty is inversely related to a stable two-parent family, that diligence, self-denial and delayed gratification help overcome difficulties and disadvantages in life, you might be a conservative, regardless of skin color. 

By electing a black president, many Americans thought they were saying everybody has an equal opportunity in this country these days.  However, the HKB and his minions like Eric Holder continued to push the narrative that all whites are racists, that we are cowards when it comes to addressing racism, that cops looking at a potential break-in were acting "stupidly", that young thugs, on the other hand, are not acting stupidly when they attack people who are armed and are being killed because of their skin color.     

Now more than half of blacks worry a great deal about race relations compared to only a quarter of whites.  I am really sympathetic to this.  Obama as the Great White Hope has been a failure.  His identity politics and racially-charged rhetoric have set back the relations between blacks and whites.  Happy, prosperous mixed race couples vie with homosexual couples for trendiness in sitcoms, movies and commercials, yet the reality becomes more harsh, violent and bloody every day.

My suggestion to black people is to stop expecting white people to change.  Change yourself and overcome.  My message to whites is stop blaming blacks as a race for the problems in inner cities and realize that the political climate and government programs and policies have created the mess that these people have to deal with -- from the War on Drugs to AFDC to corrupt politicians and community organizers. 

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