Thursday, March 17, 2016

John C. Wright Nails It Down

Reading the comments on YouTube beneath this video was very revealing, and not in a good way.
I noticed in the comments there the Trump-haters always pause to insult America or the American voters.
Myself, I am willing to vote for Trump merely to show that I am tired of stupid ignoramuses half my age on one third my IQ and one eighth my education calling me ignorant and stupid. 
I am tired of morally depraved perverts calling me immoral because I dare to have moral standards. 
I am tired of filthy liars, who have not a drop of truth in them, calling a man of my perfect rectitude a liar, merely because I love this country and love the truth. 
I am tired of Progressives, Liberals, Leftists and Morlocks of every breed ungrateful and ungraciously hating this nation and everyone in it calling me every filthy name their limited imaginations and unlimited fury can invent, merely because I love my nation, and they hate it and me.
I am sick of their hate. Trump is coming. Go to Canada. Or to the devil.

As noted in John Lien's comment on the previous post, there is a day of reckoning rapidly approaching, and the world as we know it is about to end.  I won't like that.  The snarky little smartasses that have ticked off Wright will like it a lot less.  I grew up with hard labor and without so much the current elites take for granted.  I will adjust and survive.  I am not so sure how some of the ruling class will handle it.


*Sorry about the font weirdness.  I am working off my tablet.


  1. Well, count me as a Trump hater, but I also hate the establishment good ol boys club, and leftist politicians. I don't consider all of Trump's supporters to be idiots, except for the one's who call me (and many others) a democrat or RINO because I don't like Trump nor do I trust him anymore than any of the other slimy politicians. There's a few I trust more than Trump, however.

    Regardless, it does appear as if it will get far worse and relatively soon.

  2. As they say, if Trump is the answer, it is a really stupid question. And it is. My 21-year-old granddaughter understands perfectly well that the federal government is out of control and that allowing people in NYC to make decisions for people in Jerktail, MO is not going to work. It should be local, she said. I was so proud. She is a Browncoat.

  3. Hey Mush, just saw this post. My blogroll refresh is wonky. Anyhow, as of... um.... 24MAR12:56 AM. Can't support Trump (may change at a later date). I just may not vote this time. What I find is amazing how allies are turning on each other. I'm going to step back, be respectful, and not lose friends over this election.

  4. No problem. At this point, I, too, will not vote at all for president or vote some off-brand party. My primary vote for Trump was a protest against Romney and the Uniparty.