Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lightly Battered with Lots of Salt

I watched the video of Michelle Fields having her arm ripped off by a Trump staffer.  It was epic, like Grendel and Beowulf.  Prior video of the death match seemed to show a Secret Service agent as the culpable party.  The now-definitive overhead security “video” is actually a series of photographs taken at brief intervals. 

Here’s the thing:  Fields filed a complaint for battery so Lewandowski had to be arrested.  That’s how it works.  I watched the security “video”, and it is not evidence of battery and does not prove anything other than Michelle Fields is an attention-whoring drama queen.  She pushed up between the security detail and Trump.  She was told to back off.  She may have been held back briefly so the group could pass.  She stumbled slightly because she was wearing hooker heels.  As I said elsewhere, Fields better never go shopping on Black Friday or get between Rosie O’Donut and the buffet line. 

As a Trump non-supporter, I am done with every talking head, talk show host, and pundit who is trying to make Trump and Lewandowski out as bad guys.  Even if it was Lewandowski that touched Fields, why would he remember doing it?  It was not a significant encounter in the press of a crowd.  It certainly did not merit an apology.  Trump “escalating” by calling Fields “delusional” is now the excuse.  It was an appropriate response.  Fields was in the security zone.  She should have apologized rather than ask for an apology. 

I hope the Lord will forgive me, but I can't help thinking of Jesus when the woman with the issue of blood touched Him in the crowd.  He said, "Who touched Me?"  The disciples couldn't understand what the Lord meant because they were in a press and everyone was touching Him.  

Perhaps since Fields is an Anointed One of the journalistic priesthood, she, too, has the special Spidey sense.

I am cynical when it comes to politics, but I am possibly not cynical enough.  This is WWF-level fakery and stage-fighting. 

We are trapped in a fascist economic farce being manipulated by and for the benefit of government technocrats and corporate paymasters.  We are controlled by fears of underclass criminals at home and terrorists abroad.  We are herded by police state martinets, tracked and spied upon by inquisitors, robbed and pillaged “for the greater good” and lulled by bread and circuses.  We have our attention focused on non-events to drive public opinion while history is constantly being re-written to suit the prevailing narrative. 

A whole lot of people should stop and thank God that my hope – and that of many like me, is in Christ alone.


  1. I'm glad you are looking into these events. I trust your take on this.

    "As I said elsewhere, Fields better never go shopping on Black Friday or get between Rosie O’Donut and the buffet line." Glad you shared it here.

    I've finally realized, when reading about events, the opinion (hate) comes first then the reporting is crafted to fit the opinion.

    True unbiased reporting is quite rare. Maybe never existed.

  2. I don't think it ever did. It probably used to have a more America-First bias going for it. I have trouble being objective, too, but if you let everybody talk, you can usually get a reasonable facsimile of the truth. We have too many gatekeepers with agendas.

  3. I agree! The best reporters are those who follow the truth wherever it may lead, just like a good detective follows the evidence wherever it may lead. If truth is the priority, then any biases one may have will be shaped by it into something more objective.
    As John mentions, the vast majority of reporters put opinion and biases above the truth, as do the vast majority of politicians.
    They are all selling and buying the snake oil.