Friday, August 28, 2015

Michael Barone on the Impossibles

Click over to Townhall, if you haven't read it already, and check out Barone's analysis.

He missed the boat, like so many of us, in 2012, but he generally does better than the majority of pundits and political prophets.  His two impossible things are the expansion of the Republican voter base, due largely, right now, to Trump, and Hillary being shut out from the Democrat nomination yet again.

Barone is suggesting Biden, but I think Elizabeth Warren is the most likely alternative.  The Democrats are not going to nominate Sanders.  Hillary is not a good candidate.  She can't shed the scandals like Bill or Obama.  Biden is brain-damaged.  Warren, aka, Fauxahontas, would run about as well as Obama did.  Then, too, a Biden/Warren ticket might be viable. 

In boxing slang, Trump vs. Sanders might be the battle of the Tomato Cans.  Of course, I have trouble believing the Republicans will allow Trump to be nominated or that he is even completely serious about his candidacy. 

On the other hand, the rank and file of the GOP are so sick of the Establishment that Trump is gaining momentum, in part because he is willing to go on the attack.  The media are more afraid of him than he is of them, so it seems, and that is refreshing.  Regardless of the eventual GOP nominee, Barone sees the possibility that Republican turn-out could be must higher in 2016 than in 2012 or 2008.   

They could still nominate Jeb Bush, with the same result as in 2008 and 2012.

We're probably doomed economically no matter who wins.  I may end up sitting this one out. 

I have been buying a few more silver coins along.  The other day I got four '64 Kennedy half-dollars and 500 rounds of Aguila .22LR.  Zombies or meltdowns, it doesn't matter to me.


  1. I'm betting Hillary self destructs and doesn't get the nomination. A Biden administration would be entertaining.

    Yeah, if it's Trump or Jebbie, I'll sit this one out.

    In silver news, I decide rather than heading into Charlottesville for my silver purchace to just go ahead and pay the premium and have it mailed to me USPS, signed receipt, insured. So what happens? Wife is tracking the order and it says it was delivered. The postlady did not show up at the house. Turns out she left in the mailbox and forged my signature. Spelled my name wrong too. Yeah, I filed a formal complaint at the post office. Sheesh! Not doing that again.

  2. I'm sorry, John. That is bad. The people working for the Postal Service aren't trustworthy. The world is starting to exceed even my capacity for cynicism.