Monday, August 17, 2015

Catching Up

The last couple of weeks have been pretty active around my place and at work.  I've lost track of everything that's going on news-wise.  It's funny.  I don't feel that I've missed anything. 

I saw a headline at Ace of Spades that called Trump "The Clown Genius".  That is a good summation.  I had a conversation with a woman recently who said, "I hope we can agree that someone like Donald Trump deserves to be mocked." 

I said, "Sure.  Name a media personality, office holder, candidate or politician of any kind that doesn't deserve to be mocked."

I personally would not mock Ben Carson because he is a genuinely intelligent, caring, good man.  I wouldn't mind having him as president, but I'm not sure he has grasped how big and cumbersome the juggernaut has become.  I don't know how much good he could do in the presidency.

One very positive effect of Trump's injection of himself into the arena has been to force the GOP to talk about immigration.  It's very clear with regard to the illegal invaders that the population at large is diametrically opposed to the ruling class, including the media.  The opinion-makers are failing when it comes to convincing most of us that being invaded by third-worlders is a good idea.  

I have been hanging around with some young people.  Some things we probably disagree on.  However, I am encouraged by how much libertarian sentiment I hear expressed.  That is a hopeful sign.  They haven't surrendered to the statist mindset.  Conservatism is good when there is freedom to conserve.  I think, though, what we need at this point is some libertarian roll-back of tyranny to our older traditions of individual rights and responsibilities.  This younger generation might rise up and do it. 



  1. "The last couple of weeks have been pretty active around my place and at work. I've lost track of everything that's going on news-wise. It's funny. I don't feel that I've missed anything."

    That true, Mush. I think the only thing I have seen different in the last week is a growing lack of civility among those on the right towards each other.
    Not everyone, but it appears to be a significant number who are far too emotionally attached or invested in this or that candidate to see things very clearly.

    As you mentiin with Ben Carson, I have a lot of respect for his character, which most candidates are severely lacking in.
    However, I don't believe Carson or anyone, no matter how good their character is can fix all the problems we have by themselves.

    That will take more people waking up as indeed, more young people than are given credit for seem to be doing. I hope that trend continues.

    As for anger, don't get me wrong, I think we all have good reasons to be angry at the politicians (and their supporters) who got us in this mess, but that anger must be mastered by good character and reason (with God's help) to be effective, otherwise it will only consume and destroy.

    I pray more folks, on the right and the left come to realize how dangerous and destructive it is to be consumed by hate and anger, and don't fall for the politician grifters who try to exploit that.

    At the very least I hope to see a stop to the circular firing squad on the right, because tearing down each other is perhaps the only way Hillary, Biden or whoever the left's candidate turns out to be can win.
    But worse than that, is what it does to the people who embrace it.

  2. That's on the money. Right and left have more in common with one another than any of us do with the folks that want to run things. I have a friend who, as she puts it, is more Democrat than Republican, yet I cannot think of a single issue that we actually disagree on when we start talking. It's the labeling that seems to cause much of the problem.