Monday, August 3, 2015

Hard-working Invaders

Marvin Castellanos-Rivera just doing the crime Americans won't do.  Alleged, of course, since everyone deserves due process -- which is one the reasons for the invasion.  This part annoys me somewhat: 

During the interview, Castellanos was very concerned about being deported from the United States,” the detective wrote in the probable cause statement. ... Defendant is also a flight risk; defendant told officers that he has been deported prior to this incident. Defendant stated that he was allowed to come back into the country for a month to take care of child support issues. (emphasis added)

Beside the issue with the alleged perpetrator, here's a lesson in what not to do:

The woman told police that she was walking north on Market Avenue near College Street while talking on her cellular telephone shortly after midnight Sunday.  She said a man came up behind her, pushed her into a wall, grabbed her cell phone, covered her mouth, and held a knife to her throat.

It's a bad part of town.  It is a bad hour to be out alone, and it's a really bad time and place to not be paying attention to your surroundings.  A concealed carry permit will not do you much good if you walk around with in what Col. Cooper would call "Condition White".

The area was not deserted, and a passerby intervened to cause the attacker to flee -- without violence, by the way.  Another passerby on a bicycle helped police locate and identify Castellanos-Rivera.  It's nice to know there are still people around who will defend the weak.


  1. Sheesh! It never ceases to amaze me how much some people will gamble with their lives.
    I sincerely hope she is thanking God and the guy who cared enough to get involved. And hopefully, she never does anything this foolish again.

    Unfortunately, I'm no longer surprised that some idiot govt. bureaucrat let this would be rapist back in the country. Not that it would be that difficult anyway.

  2. No, sadly, it is not surprising.