Friday, February 20, 2015

Smell the Fear

Professional halfwit and perennial contender for the Brian Williams Award in Journalistic Narcissism, Washington Post writer Dana Milbank calls Scott Walker a coward

Why, you ask?  Primarily because Walker is a frightening-to-the-left frontrunner in the presidential beauty contest at this point.  But, specifically, in Milbank's world because Rudy Giuliani said, in Walker's presence, that Obama does not love America, and Walker did not leap to Obama's defense.

First, Giuliani is, of course, correct.  Obama does not love the America he desires to "fundamentally transform".  Obama does not love the Constitution.  He does not love or respect our history and our heritage.  This makes him the perfect leftist president. 

Milbank goes after Giuliani saying:

But to have a civilized debate, it’s necessary for public officials to disown such beyond-the-pale rhetoric. And Walker failed that fundamental test of leadership.

You mean the way that Obama calls us stupid, fearful racists, xenophobic, islamophobic, homophobic, bitter clingers, and typical white people? Obama is notorious for his attacks on political enemies.  Giuliani called him on it.  Milbank is desperately trying to find a figleaf for his naked emperor. 

Walker is right.  There are Democrats, still, who love America.  Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, et al, are not among them.  Some of the people who hate America call themselves Republicans.  Do you love people that you deceive, manipulate and exploit? 

Obama and his ilk love their fascist buddies like Soros, Buffet and the boys from Goldman-Sachs.  They love power.  They love their beautiful fellow-travellers in the entertainment industry. 

They deride and denigrate the people, like me, who oppose them and their tyrannical agenda.  Obama hates people like me because we do not need him.  Maybe that's not Dana Milbank's America, but it is mine. 


  1. Good post. Yup, exactly right. Kudos to Giuliani and Walker for telling the truth.

    Although I promised myself not to pay attention this time around, to avoid the inevitable disappointment, I'm favoring Walker at the moment.

  2. Those of us in the former colonies know that one should never speak ill of the King.

  3. Milbank is just hating on the messenger. Hypocritically, I might add.
    It ain't beyond the pale when it's true, unlike Obama's numerous beyond the pale comments.

  4. BTW, I like Bobby Jindal's response when asked about Rudy's comment.
    Essentially, he said if you're looking for someone to condemn him you need to look elsewhere.