Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fat Is Where It's At

You know all those scientific studies that proved fat was killing us?  They never really happened.

I could have told them this:

Guidelines warning people to avoid eating fatty foods such as butter and cheese should not have been introduced, new research has found.
Dietary advice issued to tens of millions warned that fat consumption should be strictly limited to cut the risk of heart disease and death.
But experts say the recommendations, which have been followed for the past 30 years, were not backed up by scientific evidence and should never have been issued.

Cholesterol hysteria is bull, too. 

But, of course, global warming is real because of scientific studies.

Anything is bad for you if you have too much of it (except, possibly, coffee).  Most "real" foods are healthy in amounts that do not lead to excessive weight.  Kind is much less important than amount.


  1. Judith Curry is an honest climate scientist who has stepped off the reservation. Her blog can be found here:

  2. Been eating all the fats we want for about 10 years now. You end up eating less because the food is more satisfying.

  3. Very true, John.

    I heard an alleged doctor on television once going on about how he had pulled blood from a patient. According to his story, the patient had had a cheeseburger and shake before the procedure and his blood was so full of fat from that meal that half the sample was yellow.

    Sure. I believe that. Like it passed directly from the stomach into the blood stream. Probably still had bits of pickle in it, too.

  4. I'm very blessed the doc I go to isn't taken in by the latest medical/political fads (which ain't backed up by actual evidence).
    I'm now highly skeptical of most "studies" and even more skeptical that reporters will accurately report them to begin with.

    If a study isn't fully accessable to prove or disprove then it's safe to say that the authors of the studies and those who report them are not interested in the truth, only their own agendas.
    Hence I never take anyone's word that a study is true unless they can support their findings with evidence.

    Unfortunately, many of our politicians seem to think that political science now means politicizing science to get their way.

    1. I'm glad to hear you have a good one. Low fat/high carb is the worst thing for diabetics and anyone prone to inflammatory-type diseases.