Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cold Front, Warm Front, No Front

The weather isn't bad this morning.  The sun is shining and the temperature is a little below freezing.  This afternoon, a cold front will move through with clouds and some snow possible.  Tonight the thermometer will dip down to 14ᵒ F with plenty of wind to whip up whatever dusting of snow falls and make the cold seem worse.  Tomorrow, though, the high will regress toward the mean and be about 39ᵒ.  On Friday, we will hit 57 degrees with sun, Saturday, sunny, again, and 67. 

Friday evening, after work, looks like a good time to get the grime off the cars and out of the garage.

If anybody wants me Saturday, I'll be on my bike. 

Next week looks to be almost perfectly average temperature-wise.  Weather.  Especially weather on the Plateau.  This is a mild oscillation compared to some of our weirdness.  We used to get some pretty wild swings in Dallas, but the ideal winter wardrobe for the Ozarks is probably a parka over a polo shirt.


  1. It's spring! Early spring, mind you, but the signs are there. The sun, when given a chance, kicks out a bit of warmth now days. I'm pretty sure we are at the same latitude and we get similar weather.

    My wife and I convince ourselves that all we need to do is tough it out through January. Helps us get through the remainder of the winter.

  2. Yep, it's coming. I'm going to plant some popcorn this year, just for fun.