Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Threatened by Pigeons

Yes, ISIS is that pathetic:

... first Patrick, then others, sent me the news that ISIS is now executing pigeon fanciers, some teenagers. I did predict it a few pages ago.

Long ago, I concluded that tyrants tend to get rid of pigeons. Not only are they a primitive form of clandestine, encrypted conversation; watching at them fly above the town is exhilarating, even subversive. If birds fly free, why not me? 

From Mr. Bodio's link to an NBC story:

ISIS has imposed its hardline interpretation of Islam on the areas it now controls, forcing women to wear all-enveloping coverings and men to pray five times a day.

NBC is careful to quote the man whose son was taken saying these were the acts of criminals and not Muslims.  I understand.  Those pedophile Catholic priests were criminals, too, but somehow the news always reported them as being Catholic.

This is Islam.  Call it a hardline interpretation if you like.  It happens to be a little bit different, though the same thing happened in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.  Islam means submission.  As a political system, it is about control and tyranny.  No Islamic state is successful.  Turkey and Egypt have succeed primarily as secular states with mostly Islamic populations.  The same was true of Iran before 1979, and Afghanistan back in the 1960s.

In the name of their religion, these cretins murder, destroy, intimidate, and terrorize.  In the name of Allah, they burn the birds of children in front of them.  When are the people in the Middle East, the so-called moderate Muslims, going to have enough of this?    


  1. "Those pedophile Catholic priests were criminals, too, but somehow the news always reported them as being Catholic. "

    Quite so.

  2. Good post!
    I think we dodged a bullet with Egypt, despite Obamas efforts to turn it over to the Muslim Brotherhood. I actually laughed when his plan was foiled. Egypt's new leader actually looks purty good. hope he can stay alive.
    Turkey is fast becoming radicalized and letting them into NATO was a big mistake. Then again, NATO is a shell of it's former self.

    Fundamental Islam is never successful, and only grows like a cancer once it takes over. I agree with Chris Kyle, they are savages, and the non-violent faction of muslims are deafening in their silence and lack of action to put a stop to the savages.