Sunday, January 25, 2015

Food Nazis

"It was all meant with the best of intentions."

That's what they always say.

A substitute teacher in the Kirksville, MO school system sent a note home with second-grader Alia Puckett to her parents, Dr. Joel Puckett and his wife.  The note read:  “Please see that she packs a proper lunch tomorrow.”   

My note would have read:  "Please see that you mind your own business tomorrow.  Whatever that is."  My father would not have sent a note.  He'd have been waiting in the parking lot.  There is just no end of people in the world today who are begging to have some sense beat into them.

See, the eight-year-old had some marshmallows and chocolate in her lunch.  She also had some ham and string cheese, but the school informer employee didn't see that.  It's a wonder that the education gestapo didn't sic Child Protective Services on Dr. Puckett, who, according to the article, is double board certified in osteopathic family medicine and obesity medicine.  Somehow I doubt his kid's nutrition is going to be a problem long-term.

One day a kid decides to eat something fun, and they come down like she was biting a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun or something.  


  1. Meanwhile, here in NZ parents are being rebuked for wrapping their child's lunch in 'glad wrap' (clingfilm). You could google and find dozens of schools with rules like this:

    Packed Lunch

    * We aim to be a rubbish free school.
    * Ideally we want children to bring "nude" lunches. This means food is in reusable containers rather than packets and gladwrap.
    * Please label packets (e.g. chips) with your child's name and class number. This allows us to track rubbish in the playground back to the student responsible.
    * At 10.00 am each day all classes have a brain break. This is the chance for students to have a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable.
    * Morning tea is at 10.55 am and lunch time is 12.30 pm.!lunch/c1d6a

    Ya got that?

  2. Those Pop Tart guns are deadly. Especially the assault rifle ones.
    What we could use less of is assault trifle "teachers."

    Brendan, that is idiotic. I'm for rubbish free schools too, but the rubbish is the school officials that create problems where there is none rather than teaching children what they need to know.

  3. By the way, Ben, if you haven't already, check out Brendan's blog. Who knew they had Raccoons in New Zealand?

    I suppose Ziplocs are reuseable. We freeze our berries in those then wash them out and reuse them 'til they develop leaks.

    I have family members and friends who are or have been teachers, but I would tell anyone to keep their kids out of government schools.