Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Horror Is That It Makes Perfect Sense

Consensual incest is apparently legal or at least de-criminalized in  progressive New Jersey, Rhode Island and Quebec.  So some chick is going to marry her dad and move to New Jersey (h/t Patriactionary).  It's a little hard to say which of those two decisions is the more disturbing

This is what a lot of us have been saying all along:  when you let feelings and emotions and compassion override common sense and -- oh, I don't know -- thousands of years of experience and tradition, you end up undermining the very basis of civilized society.  We are going to have all sorts of deviations and degeneracy that we have to accept because once you tear down the fence, all the pigs will get out.

We've got people saying that someone can choose to be whatever "gender" they like.  If a boy decides he's really a girl, you're supposed to call him her and let him shower with your daughter in gym class.  Don't you know there have to be red-blooded boys left in California that are thinking about this.  Call me Martha, and, by the way, I'm a lesbian.

Buddy Hackett used to tell a WWII joke about a guy whose sister joined the regular Army passing as a man.  She put her hair up under her hat, strapped herself down, and wore men's clothes.  His friend says, "Yeah, but at night, the clothes come off.  She takes a shower.  Somebody is going to find out."  The brother replies, "Sure.  But who's going to tell?"



  1. ..It's a little hard to say which of those two decisions is the more disturbing

    Even if it is a tiny minority of deviants, the corrosion to society is far greater than their numbers. Sort of a perverse multiplier effect.

    At some point the average Joe, disgusted with the whole situation, stops playing by the rules and the breakdown occurs.

    (chip chip chip chip chip chip chip chip)

  2. It is a small minority that will do this, and polygamy when that's legalized, but they will not stop trying to force the restuvus to treat this as normal or just as legitimate as normal marriage between a man and a woman that's not incestous.
    Also, they will try to force photographers, wedding cake makers, etc., to provide their services to them like the gays have been doing.
    After that they will attempt to force priests and pastors to marry them in their churches.
    Lawsuits will abound and I wouldn't be surprised if politicians try to call it a hate crime to refuse all their desires to force all of us to play along with their perversions.
    Then there will be a push for legalized pedastry and maybe marriage to robots, toasters, microwaves, virtual people and bestiality.
    I'm sure they will get very creative about it as they vie for their 15 minutes of infamy.
    Then will come the "reality" shows trying to humanize these idiots, movies...oh wait, I think they already have made movies about a lot of this stuff that most people won't watch.

    Anything to get attention and prove they are special I reckon.

  3. The wedding cake thing even ticks off a lot of homosexuals. Everybody knows that's not right.

    And you all are right, too, it's not the numbers so much as the attitude that it fosters.

    There's contract law if people want make a particular person their next of kin. You can have civil unions that will take care of inheritance and community property. If two homosexual guys or two heterosexual guys want to set up a contractual relationship for their estate planning, what do I care?

    But it's not marriage and it's never going to be marriage, and only someone who really doesn't "get" marriage would make that mistake.

  4. I feel sorry for the girl. It's apparent, based on her replies that she's deeply troubled, naive, and easily manipulated. Not to mention the damage her parents did to her.
    The father, however is a predator and about as evil as they come.