Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's Just Weather

Ignore this because it clearly means nothing with regard to overall trends:  2014 Marks the 4th Coldest Year on Record for Illinois.

The statewide average temperature for 2014 was 49.4 degrees F, which is 2.9 degrees below average.  The year was tied with 1912 and 1979 for fourth place, according to Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel, Illinois State Water Survey, University of Illinois.
The coldest year on record since 1895 was 1917 with an average of 48.3 degrees F.

We don't want to worry the warmists.  I'm sure the earth will burst into a ball of fire at any moment because it's really hot in the Australian Outback, Mozambique, and Brazil right now.

“Although 2014 was a cold year for Illinois, the effect was largely confined to the Midwest and was not global and it does not reflect the long-term temperature trend in Illinois,” Angel said.

Give me a temperature that is not local.  Check that big thermometer the planet is holding under its tongue.  All deviations from the warmists' model are local and temporary.  The average global temperature is derived from local measurements and depends greatly on data points.  It's rather like a poll.  How well the sample is chosen determines to what degree the results describe reality.  With regard to global temperature, I'm sure that satellites give us better data than we had prior to, say, 1969 when it became possible to measure temperature through the troposphere.  I'm also sure the proliferation of satellites and improved technology today measure the temperature better than could be done thirty years ago.

Of course, what that means is that our best "baseline" is not from the '50s or '60s and certainly not from the early 1900s or the 1800s but from probably around 1980 until now.  Anything prior to that is mostly speculative and based on a very limited number of measurements. 

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