Friday, December 12, 2014

The Bad Shepherds

Our favorite Jewish blogger -- actually one of our favorite bloggers period, Daniel Greenfield, posted on Leftist Lynch Mobs

It got me started thinking -- always dangerous since something might overheat.  I commented:

I think the police get away with too much all the time against all races. I think we are living in a police state.

I think the reason the leftists instigate and encourage protests like we are seeing now is not to make the police "more sensitive" but to instill fear into the hearts of the little white suburbanites whose tax dollars go to support the "thin blue line".

There are good cops. There are a lot of cops who are thugs and goons justifying their actions with badges and uniforms. You have to have spectacles like this to explain why a local police department in an American city would need a MRAP vehicle, and why cops have to act as if they are at war with the people they are supposed to serve and protect.

I'm not buying any of it.

Commenter Doug Mayfield, whose response had not passed moderation when I wrote mine, says something similar, in part:

The Left's goal is a socialist police state in America, a la Castro's Cuba or Chavez's Venezuela. To bring that about, the Left must destroy freedom and individual rights and that includes dismantling our legal system and the rule of law, while replacing them with mobs and riots.

As long as the Left is strong in the media and in academia, we will constantly be faced with the 'quest for social justice' and cries of 'racism' or 'homophobia' or 'Islamophobia', or any of the other forms of cheap Left wing blackmail, in response to opposition to the Left's authoritarian, enslaving agenda.

People can think what they want about Pearl Harbor and how much Roosevelt knew, and 9/11 and how much Bush knew.  What we do know is that a board of inquiry never came up with a solid conclusion as to why an American armored cruiser, the USS Maine, exploded and sank in Havana harbor back in 1898.  We also know that the yellow press of the day, headed by Hearst and Pulitzer, fanned the flames of suspicion in an attempt to provoke a war with Spain.

In all likelihood, the sinking of the Maine was the result of either a naval mine or an accidental fire in the ship's coal bunker that spread to the magazine.  There's no need to believe the various false flag conspiracy theories to understand that elements within the federal government and private sector took full advantage of the sinking as a casus belli.  They wanted the war.  This was their excuse.

The Big Government types, regardless of whether they identify as left or right, would like for those of us who work, save, invest, and act responsibly to foot the bill for and demand the forging of our own chains.  They -- both Democrats and Republicans -- will use our fears of what is going on in Ferguson just as they have used the fear of terrorism and an alleged epidemic of drugs and gangs to take away more and more of our freedom and erode our constitutional protections. 

The rule of law is all but dead in this country.  Anyone who thought electing Republicans to control of the Senate would solve our problems may be thinking differently after the craptacular Cromnibus bill got shoved through the House last night.  There's no reason Boehner could not have pushed through a funding bill of shorter duration that would have kept things going until the next Congress was seated. 

Ouuu, government shutdown!  Be afraid!

Idiots.  Our only hope now is that Fauxcahontas manages to kill it in the Senate over Dodd-Frank.  That's pretty bad.  Hey, maybe that's what Boehner wants so he can blame the Democrats.  As I said, Idiots.  It's the 99% of politicians -- Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, Warren, et al -- that give the rest a bad name.  

But the important thing is that we refuse to allow ourselves to be controlled and herded by fear and panic. 

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