Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scared White Guys

Michael Mark Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle -- the person who came up with the idea that Obama was a "lightbringerworker" (I thought "lightweight") -- suggests that trembling, pasty white boys bought lots of guns to protect themselves from the big, bad negro.
Ferguson? You mean the place where the white cop murdered that unarmed black kid, and wasn’t even indicted for it ...
You do not read complicated books. You do not like new or weird things. You watch lots of TV, mostly Fox News, which rejoices in showing you endless images of angry foreigners and minorities in pain: tear gas explosions, fights in the streets, looting, this time involving sad, small-town black people in Ferguson, all of them protesting the acquittal of that murderous white cop.
Apparently Morford's reading comprehension skills are insufficient to cover a grand jury's report and the prosecutor's transcript.  Maybe it was too complicated for him.

Reading Morford's twisted prose helps me understand why he thinks Obama is an intellectual.  I went to the University of Missouri, which has one of the better J-Schools in the country.  It was easy to spot the journalism majors, especially on sunny days when they would often stand transfixed by shiny objects or their own reflections in the windows.  I imagine most any book is complicated for Morford -- like the instruction manual for putting batteries in his vibrator.

Those of us who read technical books and who write code similar to that which creates the apps on Morford's iPhone that he thinks makes him a techie can probably reason, do math, and apply logic.

As I have said here on several occasions, I found the early reports of the shooting very troubling.  Based on the eyewitness testimony, Wilson's actions were questionable.  However, based on the physical evidence -- the forensic evidence, the indications are that Brown attacked Wilson while the cop was still in his vehicle. The two men struggled for Wilson's weapon.  The scenario of Brown charging Wilson and getting shot in the top of the head makes more sense now that I know Wilson, at 6'4", is near Michael Brown's height.  I still think some of Wilson's testimony sounds coached, but any time any person has to shoot another, the shooter must convey "I was in fear for my life".

Morford and his ilk are the ones who live in fear of what they do not know.  PROJECTION! -- it's not just for movie theaters.  Morford does not understand guns or gunowners.

The gun is uncomplicated, primitive defense against something far more terrifying and murky: everything you do not know. Guns provide an illusion of security, a violent, make-believe defense against a world that’s too complex, with injustices too prodigious, rage too tempting and calm, peaceful acts of love far too difficult to locate. They make you feel, in short, like you might have a chance.

The world is a violent place.  Humans are killers -- we're omnivores at the top of the food chain.  We got here without AR15s.  We have survived and prospered because we are good at killing.  Unfortunately, the sin nature exists, and we sometimes kill one another.  Apart from Jesus Christ, there is no cure for that problem.  Morford doesn't believe in Jesus, nor does he believe in the reality of fallen human nature.    

A gun is a tool designed to solve a specific problem, but sometimes used for sport and pleasure -- like an automobile, a chainsaw, a tractor, an axe, a hoe or a hammer. 

Black kids murdered a young Bosnian refugee, Zemir Begic, in St. Louis.  They did not use guns.  They used hammers.   

I'll bet that chainsaw owners are also overwhelmingly male and white Fox News watchers who live in Podunk and have never been to Spain (but they kind of like the music).  What does that prove, exactly?  That gunowners and chainsaw owners don't live in an insulated little bubble?  That we are actually able to take care of ourselves, protect ourselves and provide for ourselves and our families without any dependency on the government?  Is that what frightens scrawny little white boys like Morford?

Perhaps someone needs to tell Mike Marky the joke about the older lady who was stopped by a police officer for some traffic violation.  In the course of providing her license and registration, as a courtesy, she offered the additional information that she had four firearms in the car.  He asked, "What are you afraid of?"  She replied, "Not a damn thing!"

 (Mark, not Michael -- like I care.  I was probably thinking of Michael Moorcock -- Morford wishes.  And it's lightworker, not lightbringer.  Obama is definitely a light worker.  Again, like I give a flip.)


  1. I went there. I skimmed the article. The lies were making me physically twitch. Probably a suppressed punching reaction.

    This country needs a divorice and Marky really hates himself. I dunno, maybe such provocation is his schtick.

  2. I know exactly. My mother was a kind, loving person. She had a expression if somebody really annoyed her, "I could just pinch his head off."

    She'd pop this boy's head like a ripe pimple.