Friday, August 29, 2014

War and Declaration

Denninger points out something about the current regime's admission that it has no strategy with regard to ISIS/ISIL:

So, let's see what we think of all of all this.  I guess we could be really upset with Obama, but let's face it -- the real problem is with us.  We've been unwilling to actually prosecute a war since WWII, and those around the world have learned this through our repeated actions.  Thus we get events like Georgia, Ukraine, and, of course, ISIS in both Syria and Iraq.
Note that I'm not advocating going into Iraq and/or Syria and evicting ISIS by force -- indeed, history of the last 50 or so years says that all we're ever going to do is bomb them a few times and, perhaps, send a few "advisers" in to have a "discussion" with them (although said discussion might well take place at 3250fps!)
So what's next?  Nothing of value; we've forgotten (as a nation) how to go war.  Therefore any threat to do so won't be taken seriously, and with the rules of engagement that have been put in front of our fighting men and women ISIS will be, and should be, laughing at us.

On a national level this goes along nicely with the post from yesterday about winning if you are willing to fight back as an individual in a survival, kill-or-be-killed situation.

There is only one way to fight a war.  Israel has proven for the last 66 years that, no matter how good you are at fighting, no matter how just your cause, you cannot win a defensive war.  The only way to win is to follow the advice of that great military strategist, Robert E. Howard.  Victory is possible only when you are willing  "[t]o crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

We have not prosecuted a war in this fashion since 1945.  We have not won since 1945.

I did not graduate from West Point.  I never served in the military.  I know nothing about military strategy or tactics, but if America and the West want to win the war with Islam (not with "terror'), I offer what I think are a few reasonable and prudent suggestions:

  • Get out of the United Nations.  
  • Demand that Congress formally declare war.
  • Define your enemy.  Terror is a tactic.  Islam is the enemy.  We are glad for and welcome relations with any good Muslims who would like the world to be stable, tolerant, and civilized.  Sharia, however, is incompatible with Western values, thus we must make clear to those who favor sharia that they need to remain in their own primitive hellhole countries.  If you come into the West, we will have to kill you.  Please don't take it personally.    
  • Clearly define the military and political objectives to be achieved, i.e., define victory.
  • Make up your mind that war involves casualties on both sides.  While we wish to minimize the casualties on our side and maximize theirs, "bodycount" is not an objective.  Destroying the enemy's ability and will to wage war is the objective.   
  • The enemy cannot be trusted, and no one affiliated with the enemy can be trusted.  
  • Do not tell the enemy, including his affiliated "non-combatants" what you are planning to do.  
  •  Do not hold a news conference afterward and explain how you did something.  Leave it for the historians to figure out.
  •  Collateral damage is unfortunate.  It is also unavoidable, especially when fighting cowardly primitives who hide behind women and children. 
  • Explain to the nation that this is a war with a relentless enemy for the survival of our way of life.  War is expensive and demanding of resources.  Because the government has only what it can take from its productive citizens, some services may be cut in order to divert resources to the war effort.  If we are not willing to sacrifice to achieve victory then we have no business declaring war. 



  1. Good list. You might want to mention the disruption of energy supplies for awhile. That would really hit home and hit Europe.

    But that may be implied in your last bullet point.

  2. "If you come into the West, we will have to kill you. Please don't take it personally. "

    I laughed out loud.

    What did we do to deserve what passes for 'political leadership' in the west today?

  3. Good point, John. Thanks, Brendan.

    Lots of fun on Labor Day.