Friday, August 1, 2014

Until Somebody Sees You Riding It

Via Fox News.

Motopeds will sell you a frame for right about $2000, to which you may add accessories -- such as a motor -- I think a 50cc Honda 4-stroke is suggested.

Fully loaded in Mad Maxx mode:

The fact that it can be pedaled is a positive.  The fact that you are going to get run over escaping from New York is less positive.


  1. Those are pretty neat. A whole lot better than the old mopeds. And when you pass one on the road you won't automatically think, "DWI, license revoked."

    That said, $2000 is a lotta cash. But I think I'm losing touch with how much new things cost. I was at the local garage/tractor dealer yesterday getting my truck inspected. So, for giggles I asked how much for a Long (not John Deere, mind you), 50 hp, 4wd, with a front end loader. Which would be a nice replacement for my 35 year old Long tractor.

    $45,000 was his reply. I was shocked. I was thinking half that would be fair.

  2. I'm the same way. I just cannot adjust to current pricing on things.