Friday, August 1, 2014

The Benefits of Stagnation

No sign the U.S. economy is overheating according to a White House spokesman.

The spokesman also said that water is wet, and it will be increasingly dark after the sun goes down until sometime tomorrow morning when the sun comes up.  President Obama's policies are making all of this possible.

"Overheating" used to refer mainly to inflation and bubble speculation.  Now it's good news to the Obama regime that we don't have too many people working and labor participation continues to languish at historically low levels, while we have millions more on food stamps.

To further dampen this non-existent overheating, we ought to let a few million more illegals pour over the borders lest the youth unemployment rate drop below 25% and mid-20s college graduates move out of their moms' basements.  That might wreck the whole Democrat voter base.


  1. Overheating? Really? That would be probably the last word that would come to mind.

    (I'm convinced they say this stuff on purpose to jerk us around.)

  2. Yep, it's no longer possible to believe the people who say this stuff are that stupid. We can only conclude that they believe we (enough of us) are that stupid.