Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fractured Fairytales

One of our favorite manure-spreaders, Fred Reed, relates his thoughts on Ferguson, wherein he suggests that those firmly entrenched in the authentic Black American subculture would find reality quite harsh if they were to manage to pick the fight for which some seem to be looking.  He's says that should such a conflagration be ignited, "[t]he country would not recover".  This statement evoked considerable disagreement in Vanderleun's Top 40 sidebar

I think some of those commenting at American Digest might be missing the point.  The country would not recover because it would cease to be the country as we know it.  A "race war" would be, in effect, a new civil war -- not regional, as in north versus south or east versus west, or even coastal versus flyover.  Most every state in the nation has enclaves of both red and blue.  The blue, big-government areas tend to be the most densely populated urban areas or areas where the primary income is derived from federal government redistribution payments.  It might look more like the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Kosovo, or the current conflict in the Middle East than our old War of Northern Aggression. 

It would not even be black versus white.  There are a lot of productive people who are black or brown while many government leeches are lily white.  There might still be something that called itself the United States but there would be no more "sea to shining sea".  Whoever "won", the end result would bear little resemblance to the One Nation Under God most of us grew up in. 

Could it happen?  Some of us have started to think it might.  Exactly what the catalyst would be is very hard to say.  I'd like to think that enough of my fellow citizens are wiser and better than our corrupt, opportunistic, power-mad political leaders.  Perhaps our collective goodwill is sufficient to overcome both the malignant fumes of maliciousness and stupidity emanating from Mordor on the Potomac.

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