Saturday, June 21, 2014

IRS Wins Award

Lois Lerner and her friends were definitely Pre-Calculating.


  1. I'm still reflecting on how outrageous, how mendacious, how self serving, how disingenuous her lost email explanations are, and I'm not even an American!

    Can she really get away with that?

  2. It's possible. I think it depends on whether the Republican House wants to know the truth or if they are trying to score political points. It also depends on how much the media pushes it.

    We are really close to the point where the media could start saying this is just the Right crying "Wolf!" again. The Democrats are already saying this is another conspiracy theory, it's like the birthers, there's nothing to it. The IRS would never do that. If the media picks that up, the IRS could beg off.

    I think, as I said before, this might be harder to push aside just because so many Americans dislike and, to some degree, fear the IRS. I'm pretty sure 40% of us would like to see them taken down a notch or two.

    We have 30% hardcore left that will be fine with anything Obama wants to and 30% that haven't seen any of this on their iPhones yet and aren't really sure what the IRS is.