Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Amnesty and Apple Pie

This is about the message of Eric Cantor's primary loss in Virginia.  Cantor, as House Majority Leader, has been a point man in the push for amnesty for the millions of people who have illegally crossed -- mostly -- the southern border of the United States. 

I cannot legally go into Mexico without the proper permission.  Right now a United States Marine sits in a Mexican jail because he accidentally crossed the border with his weapons in his car.  Obama's big on swaps.  How about 30 million Mexicans for a Marine? 

In 2006, the Republicans lost control of Congress, partly because people were getting tired of Bush, but also partly because of the GOP's attempt to pass a Dream-Act type bill -- i.e., amnesty for border jumpers and special privileges for their children, supported by Bush.  In fact, I think Bush claimed that they were definitely going to pass it no matter what.  A lot of us were put off by that, and people that might otherwise have voted Republican chose not to do so. 

Amnesty is not a conservative value.  Hispanics are not going vote Republican because we allow a bunch of people -- all of whom broke the law by entering this country and many of whom are guilty of other, even more serious crimes -- to become citizens and participate in our elections.  Hispanics are often Catholic and probably mostly pro-life.  Guess what?  Most black people in this country are Christians -- often very devout, sincere Christians, mostly pro-life and anti-gay marriage.  I've been in church with these people, and I love them as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Ninety percent of them still vote Democrat. 

Hispanics are no more a "natural constituency" of the GOP than are our black citizens. 

We are all familiar with the quote from Mark Twain:  "You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I'll tell you what his 'pinions is."

If you are getting your corn pone from the government, you are not so likely to be vehemently opposed to bigger government.  Some people are going to vote their corn pone instead of their conscience.  

This also explains why Republicans keep pushing amnesty.  They are getting corn pone from corporations and groups like the Chamber of Commerce that support border jumping for their own economic benefit.  An influx of young, eager, slightly naive people desperate for jobs will ease the pressure to push wages higher.  If these people become citizens or are at least allowed to participate in the system legally, they become taxpayers and contributors to Social Security and Medicare. 

Cantor lost because of amnesty.  The Republicans lost the House and the Senate eight years ago because of amnesty. 

Do you think maybe Republican voters are against amnesty?

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