Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Firearms and Dementia ...

... or I always liked to take my guns for canoe rides on the lake, and one day, there was a horrible accident.

Elderly Americans, of which, I suppose, I am one by some definitions and soon will be by any definition, own firearms.  Sometimes old people suffer from dementia.  Sometimes old people get depressed.  Firearms are the most common means of suicide among all age groups.

A doctor suggests that older people be questioned about firearms by their physicians.  

Folks, here's your test for senility:  if your doctor asks you about firearms and your answer is anything other than "none of  your (insert expletive) business", you are probably senile.


  1. Ha! Good test.

    If they ask me those 5 Ls I would say, "Are you referring to my guns at home or the one in my pocket?"

    I don't like this growing role of Doctor as government snitch.