Monday, December 16, 2013

Stopping A Bad Man With A Gun

Early reports on any event are always to be taken with some skepticism.  However, Human Events discusses what may be some inconvenient facts about the little punk who shot an innocent girl in the face in Arapahoe High School last Friday. 

The cowardly and privileged leftist turned the gun on himself when he realized he was about to be confronted with an armed opponent.  The more good people we have who are armed, the fewer of these incidents we will have. 

It is worth noting that the original mass shooter, Charles Whitman of Texas Tower infamy, killed 17 people but would have killed many more had he not come under fire from armed civilians as well as police.  I use Whitman's name in opposition to my usual policy both because of the historical significance as well as the fact that Whitman suffered from a brain tumor which he tried to self-medicate.  He was still an inexcusable monster, but one can understand that his thinking and brain function were severely disrupted.

In this latest case at Arapahoe High School, an armed Arapahoe County Deputy Sheriff, serving as school resource officer ran to the scene, shouting for people to get down and identifying himself as a deputy.  The perpetrator knew he was coming and ended his brief, 80-second rampage by blowing off his own head with a Joe Biden-approved, legally-purchased shotgun. 

When the NRA suggested employing armed guards to curtail school shootings, we were subjected to rabid, irrational attacks and mockery.  We were right. 

In this case, the shooter was upset that he had been disciplined and/or removed from the high school debate team.  He was an argumentative person who, like many over-privileged, spoiled brats, had to triumph in every discussion.  He mocked Republicans, supported stricter gun control (except for himself, like most leftists), believed in Keynesian economics, and advocated for socialism.  A fellow student described the punk as a Marxist. 

Again, these are from early reports and gleanings from the wussy little pervert's Fakebook page. We may learn more or find contradictions as time passes.  Meanwhile, the lesson of having guns in the right hands is vindicated once more.

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