Monday, December 2, 2013

Beside the definition of the word "projection"

... in the dictionary is a picture of the Obama regime.  They call Benjamin Netanyahu "desperate and weak" for his opposition to the Iran deal.  Read the article and comments at the Treehouse.

IBD says that the Norks and Iranians are corroborating on a heavy-lift ICBM.  If these rogues can put a payload into orbit then everybody is vulnerable -- not just Israel and South Korea -- to a high-altitude EMP attack as well as direct attacks on cities.  If they decide to drop one on Washington, D.C., I hope they do it during the State of the Union speech, and I certainly hope all the fools that enabled it are in attendance.  Nuclear bombs are the ultimate non-partisan solution.

I remember back in the late '70s that Jimmy Carter caught some flak for approving or going along with the neutron bomb which was supposed to kill people but leave the infrastructure.  Too bad there isn't one that could kill the newsreaders and talking heads and leave the rest of us in peace. 

I suppose that's a little harsh, but, whatever one's view on biblical eschatology, I don't see where we can possibly benefit from offering Israel as a sacrificial lamb to the Islamic extremists. 


  1. Israel has a track record of military intervention amongst their neighbours when they deem it necessary to preserve their security. While the stakes are higer with Iran, I don't detect a change of policy on their part.

  2. Yes, and they may find a new and unlikely ally in the Saudis. It makes for a strange situation.

  3. They call Benjamin Netanyahu "desperate and weak" for his opposition to the Iran deal.

    Um, what country am I living in again? I'm going to bed. Wake me up when the radiation drops to a reasonable level.

  4. Like Gerard is always saying about Japan -- nuked too much or not enough. In our case, it must just be from all the tests in the desert.