Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Organizing For Agony

I have seen several reports of this:  Obama's propaganda brownshirts, Organizing For Action, are urging people to set up remembrance days for the Newtown tragedy on December 14 to push the gun control agenda.

If Congress wants to pass a law, they ought to pass one against politically exploiting the senseless deaths of children at the hands of mad men.  It would be rather like the law they have in Germany against denying the Holocaust. 

I'm really not for that either, since I prefer giving people the courtesy of using their own common sense.  It just ain't so common as I would like. 

What I think we ought to commemorate is the last time you could buy rimfire ammunition at Wal-Mart.  I have two batches back-ordered.  If the one ever comes in, I'll probably never need to buy .22LR again before my 100th birthday.  I'd try investing in Bitcoins if I thought they would feed through my 10/22.

The big-government types will never stop trying to limit the weaponry the serfs can possess.  They will come out like ghouls to dance their blood ballet every chance they get.  They will moan and cry for just a little "compromise", a little "reasonable" restriction.  And, if they get it, next time they will want more until you can't own a bean-flipper without their permission.  

Free people own weapons to defend themselves against criminals and tyrants, as if there is any difference.  When a government does not obey its own laws, it has stepped over the line into tyranny and has no more right to the allegiance of its citizenry than a burglar has to your television set.   

Even with the NRA and other pro-gun organizations, we are at a disadvantage against the funding and media coverage the hoplophobes can muster.  We can never afford to give an inch to the irrational demands of those who would disarm us.


  1. What I think we ought to commemorate is the last time you could buy rimfire ammunition at Wal-Mart.

    My wife and I LOLd at that one. I haven't seen .17HMR in a Wal-Mart since I bought my .17HMR (sigh).

  2. Midway has had some .17 -- Remington is available at the moment.

    Glad I made somebody chuckle today.