Friday, December 6, 2013

Snowed In

Snow and cold we have here in abundance today.  Since I don't have to go out to get to work, we are in pretty good shape to wait it out.  Traffic was light down on the county road as it came in yesterday.  Today I haven't seen or heard anything going by. 

We probably have eight to ten inches of snow on the ground but drifts are impressive, and it is not going to get above 20 degree Fahrenheit today.  Our food and fuel supplies are good -- plenty of coffee and beans.  Lots of gas in the tank to run the generator if the power fails -- which I don't expect.  The ice is down in Arkansas.  The only thing I might be a little light on is food for the dog and cats.  There's more than enough for the next four or five days -- by which time travel should be less of a challenge, but I knew this was coming and I really should have stocked up. 

My wife has all the Christmas stuff out.  She made me pull the tree down off out of storage and is even threatening to make me put it up "one more time".  We'll see how that goes this weekend.  I may not have anything better to do. 

All that clean, white snow is pretty when you don't have to get out in it.  Of course, at some point I have to go out and look for tracks.  That's part of the fun, too. 


  1. That all sounds pretty nice. Get you in the mood for Christmas.

    Rain started here an hour ago. Might get an icy mess on Sunday. I suppose I won't be working on the fence this weekend.

  2. We all need a break now and then. I did end up shoveling quite a bit of snow, but it was dry and fluffy. Lot's of times we get the heavy, wet stuff here, but I guess this was still pretty slick. I finally drove into town to the post office yesterday afternoon, and our county blacktop is covered and packed. The state highway is mostly clear. There was considerable evidence along the way that people had trouble.

    I hope you all aren't having it too bad today.

  3. Not too bad. The trees and fences got a glaze but the roads didn't ice up. Over an inch of rain. Just gross weather.