Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Old Guy With a Revolver

There was a movie a few years backs called "The Way of the Gun" with James Caan and a couple of younger guys.  There is a lot of shooting, mostly with shotguns and autoloading pistols, especially 1911s.  Caan's character finishes everything off with a snubby revolver.

It's a cliche of sorts, but a lot of older guys shoot revolvers.  They did not stop being effective when Glocks were created.

As I noted a few days ago, I recently got my CCW permit.  I knew my Glock 17 was going to be difficult to carry concealed.  The Springfield is slightly bigger.  It won't be so much of a problem come November, but right now it is uncomfortable under a t-shirt.

I thought maybe I needed to buy a new gun.  Then I remembered that I have an old Rossi Model 68, equivalent to a S&W J Frame that I have owned for 30 years or so.  I decided to take it to my pistol range down in the gully.  It shoots only standard .38 Special -- no +P, but it is easy to shoot.  I was amazed to find that is still shoots rounds into essentially the same hole at 15 yards.  I tried some ancient 158-grain round nose and some new, high-tech 110-grain.  They all did the same thing.

Of course, I was shooting single-action, because I am a terrible double-action shooter and the old Rossi has a Rossi DA trigger rather than a S&W or classic Colt DA trigger.  Still, it shoots.  If I don't hit what I'm aiming at, it's not the gun's fault.

Plus, the 5-shot disappears in my backpocket or in a holster under a t-shirt or an inside pocket on my biker vest or wherever.  It doesn't dig into any of my body parts when I sit down or get in the way when I do something.

I love my stupid Glock 9mm, and semi-autos are fun to shoot.  Instead of popping a few hundred on a new, smaller Glock or Ruger, though, I'm off to find a new holster for the old Rossi and look for deals on .38 Special so I can be the OGWAR.


  1. Good idea, Dwayne! I found that my Ruger .357 is also much easier to conceal than my 9mm, .40 and 45 long colt. A .38 would be even easier to conceal and is an excellent choice.


  3. Allena, no one can accuse you and me of a lack of diversity.

    Thank you, Jamie.